BASC or Countryside Alliance ?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by medwaymud, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. I am returning to UK after 9 years elsewhere and intend to do as much game shooting as money and time allow.
    I ought to support one of these organisations - and receive the Insurance covers - but any advice on the pros and cons would be useful.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I think BASC is great from personal experience, but check the web sites to see if it meets all your personal needs.
  3. BASC for insurance needs and info on trade etc.

    Countryside Alliance main focus is a rural action political party.
  4. It depends on whether you are exclusively into shooting (with an emphasis on shotguns at that) or whether you have other rural interests like hunting and fishing as well.

    If you do have other interests you should bear in mind that policy wise BASC will throw just about anybody under the bus to protect their "core" of game shooters and I think that would ultimately include those who shoot rifles, auto/pump shotguns and airguns if they thought it would placate a government (gamekeepers to be excluded of course...). They were perfectly happy to stab both hunters and farmers in the back over the Hunting Act when negotiating their "use of dogs to protect game" get-out with NuLab DEFRA. That this loophole has been fully utilised by hunts and farmers was apparently in no way BASC's intention.

    On the other hand their advice and legal services are very good at what they do. Never had cause to use their or the CA's insurance but I think I'd want to carefully scrutinise the small print to see if there were any weasel-out clauses. If insurance is your prime concern you might be as well advised to take out personal cover through a proper company like a local NFU Mutual agency.
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  5. Game Fair,CLA "village" has some top totty on display.

    Although not a member,I rang BASC yesterday to talk about an shooting/insurance/footpath question. Very helpful and got the legal side clearly explained,also confirmed by email.Very helpful.
  6. Their legal dept is, or anyway was, great.

    However, it is mildly ironic that what began as WAGBI, the wildfowlers' association, happily abandoned wildfowlers with barely a shrug of the shoulders when Crown foreshore shooting rights were parceled up and flogged, rather than being public as before. They are also keen to jump on as many government bandwagons as possible, for example the pointless and absurd Deer Stalking Certificates which earn BASC a pretty penny and which BASC is pushing with the police and even sporting estates as some sort of 'gold standard' of stalkers.

    It is essentially an organisation of bureaucrats with DEFRA-envy. And they charge like wounded buffalo for membership.
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  7. Being an inlander I forgot about the betrayal of the wildfowlers but I think it amply demonstrates just how willing the BASC board is to sacrifice shooting minorities.
    They have also been known to keep quiet about government "consultations" until they become a fait accompli, witness the new airgun storage rules.

    On the other hand the CA is just as hard charging as BASC is and their legal department is nowhere near as experienced, the Campaign for Shooting has to share it's resources with the Hunting and Fishing campaigns, so it will never be as well developed as BASC.

    It's worth remembering that when the CA was formed from the BFSS and assorted other rural groups (even the CLA considered joining in) BASC deliberately distanced itself.
  8. What about the Sportman's Association?

    Always seemed to be more politically honest than BASC, and took the view that ALL shooting sports must be defended, and that the fundamental right to own firearms should not solely be about pest control or making holes in targets, but also in defence of self and the realm. The NRA will throw anybody under the bus as long as Gub'mint leave 7.62 TR alone, and BASC likewise as long as they leave hunting and shotgun sports alone.
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  9. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    No one organization covers the field and probably never will. The BASC is good for their legal advice and experience. If insurance is your key concern than I would go with the best coverage. Both the CA and the BASC list their insurance coverage as tables, line them up and compare. Decide what you can live with and without and join.
    Membership Insurance Update 2011 - Countryside Alliance

    On the political front, I prefer the CA.
  10. Why not both? Belt & braces!
  11. Or join the National Gamekeepers Organisation, same insurance for about £25.00 a year.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'm a member and good value it is too. You can also buy insurance on its own through brokers for about £20 a year but then you dont get the support that the orgs give!
  13. Since Richard Malbon died the SA has disappeared up its own fundament. There are one or two well meaning souls but it has attracted some utter throbbers over the years, and developed a practice of throwing its own committee members under the bus.
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  14. I remember seeing them at Weston Park where pride of place on their stand was a Vickers gun and I couldn't help wondering what a "Sportsman" would want with one.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Fixed that for you, the SA were full of oddbods but that said it was the fault of the NRA etc in not fighting our corner in 88 and 97 that led to these attacks upon our sports.
    Anyway I see darts and snooker on the TV schedule and make a note to avoid these alleged sports!