Barton Stacey

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Born_to_hunt_Made_to_work, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. Just had the DHE bumf through - does anyone have any helpful hints, tips, pointers and rumours about Barton Stacey?

    Ta tons in advance,
  2. Don't know much about DHE with regards to Barton Stacey but I do remember in the dim and distant past, that we stopped there once or twice en-route to DAG-Ex's to be "swiped into theatre" ...... That was the AGC dets contribution to camp....apart from pay parade of course....

  3. A few colleagues are quartered at Barton Stacey. They chose to go there and are happy with it although it's a little isolated for my liking.
  4. It's where the 'Country Types' live. Judging by your user name, you should fit right in.
  5. Thought that they'd knocked it down years ago.
  6. No. It just looks that way.
  7. Thanks by the bucketload to you all - shabby, falling down, miles from anywhere and suitable for poaching on someone else's training area -- sounds about ideal.

    At least if it's in rag order already, we can dispute the damages bill in 2 years' time......
  8. Ignore me. It's supposed to be lovely in summer, but a bit bleak in winter. I'm sure you have a collection of Barbours to cope with that however.:lol:
  9. Bleak in winter? Perfect - far less chance of the range warden being out of his office and catching me rounding up his rabbits.....