Barstards - I want my topic back!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Dec 14, 2004.

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  1. Right - huffy strop here.

    I had a lovely little thread going on over in the Int Cell. It was turning into something nice and I was very pleased with myself. It was my little corner of ARRSE that stood for single logins and to stop the proliferation of spazzy snidey additional logins. It is my opinion that these degrade the value of ARRSE and I was showing - in a fun way - those who felt the same.
    Go on - have a look - the thread is locked up, abandoned and withering as we speak.

    So - perhaps the Mods will protect / leave me be here. Perhaps others will respect my wishes not to have it as a slagging thread with multiple quotes from others? Some children respond well to being allowed to play nicely.

    I have a dream etc etc that the single login users come back to what was a warm, friendly topic. Cheers. :wink:
  2. Nice,hot cup of tea time,please feel free to borrrow hanky............
  3. I'll bring the port Mr C.....

    I agree though....spazzy aditional logins are for Milforums...not ARRSE.
  4. See? I don't even have an alter-ego to agree with i'll do it myself.

    Hear Hear Micky Dees

  5. Just read your thread. It shoudn't have been locked, BB should have been booted.
  6. Agree with Corporal.

    By locking the thread BB has her way again and disruptes (or is allowed to disrupt) a thread.
  7. Yep, as usual, a thread was crushed to its knees by a troll.

    As to multi logins. Some may feel a use for them for whatever reason. Although if its just to produce an apparent multi sided attack or a pseudonym for a running battle then the person who uses them might have some other issues to deal with on the outside world.

    If you annoy someone with your own user name, surely your character or personality could shine through and deal with the situation in an adult way? We don’t get a new head if we do a similar thing in the real world do we?
  8. How very true Flash, I can't agree more. The trouble is, that some people wouldn't have the b4lls to start some of the krap they do here in the real world if they had to face up to the people they antagonize.

    The web is a great medium for communication but it also allows cowards to act as if they were something they aren't with much less humiliation or pain if they are found out. If the only reason for using another uesr name is because you've lost all favour with the one you've got then you deserve everything you get. If you mess up once and can't hack the 'flack', if you have the option of starting afresh, you are going to do it again and again. BB is proof of this. She'll never learn. She needs help.

    I prefer to use only one user name and face up to my mistakes.... just old fashioned I suppose.
  9. Since when did dignity and honor become old fashioned :roll:

  10. Just the one user name for me. Though I did originally sign up under a different one - without ever posting - and forgot what it was.

    On the subject of Blondebint, I have to admit to being the kind of person who gets a laugh from the mentally disturbed, cripples, losers, mongs, retards, the terminally ill etc, and I rather miss her when she isn't in full on psycho-troll mode. :D
  11. You should try going to the ctauch family reunion, you'd split your sides! :D

    Only one user name for me, I'm not smart enough to do more. :wink:
  12. First, last and always.. on whatever forum.. I am THE ROCKETEER!! [ got to be proud of something when you have such limited jobskills..still. I make stuff blow up real good..]
  13. So true, but at least my family tree has branches unlike corps, who's wife is also his sister and mom 8O
  14. Only one eve1962 - no other names. Took me about 2 months to decide on this oh so original handle.

  15. :oops: guilty, but have sorted with CC and am now flying solo....... 8O