Barstard Banks and overdrafts

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by MrPVRd, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. I have an overdraft. It is destined to be paid off within the next few months due to a long-anticipated lump sum bonus and a pay rise, also the mortgage will be cheaper as well as it is a tracker.

    Perusing my accounts I noticed that the overdraft exceeded the limit by £10-£20 immediately before payday. Bank charged me £28. I didn't like that but, fair enough, I can take the hit - I'll apply for a refund anyway, pending the legal action on overdraft charges going through the courts.

    However, I noticed the bank intend to charge me £28 in January and the same sum every month afterwards, based on one instance I've already paid for, even though the account is within its limit. I blew my top at that unwelcome piece of news.

    I have a second bank account for bills, with another bank. This afternoon I switched my BACS details over to the billing account so the salary, expenses refund (quite a whack) and bonus will all go into this account. After leaving work, I went to the cashpoint and withdrew all my cash up to the limit, leaving a bit in for a couple of items still to come out. Direct debits and standing orders will be changed over in time for payday as well.

    After I'm certain the bonus and expenses have been paid into the second account, I will send the bank a letter telling them what I have done and that they can chase me for the overdraft balance, bearing in mind the courts are chock-full with mortgage defaulters and bankrupcy cases and that I intend to dispute the charges pending the outcome of the legal case on overdraft charges, which will take ages to decide.

  2. I think less pain would be incurred by you wiping the O/D and closing the account. Failing that, you could do what a Natwest customer did. He couldn't afford to close his account, so he changed his name via deedpoll to Natwest Bank are Fascist Bastards, and they now have to write to Mr Bastards....informing him of charges and etc, using this name. He was also all over the news a while back.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    It was Yorkshire bank. And they closed his account.