Bars open late in Westminster/ Chelsea

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Poppy, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know of any pubs/bars which are open after 11pm on a Wednesday night around Westminster please?
  2. I'm afraid you might find very few are Poppy, the Council clamped down v hard on late opening hours when the new laws came in - you might find a couple of lock ins, if you're lucky! :)
  3. Bar '2K' and 'The Fleece' both have a 1am Wednesday license.....

    but they are in Preston
  4. You can always try the 151 Club on The King's Road. Not really a pub or a bar and vaguely reminiscent of Hitler's Bunker in the last days of WWII, but not bad if you don't mind having your wallet raped.

    Just don't go in there in Mess Kit - as some people have in the past. :roll:
  5. from what i know a lot of pubs in westminster close early because no one lives there, just offices
  6. Honestly, head off down the King's Road or across T Square into town, Westminster is a nightmare. I've been drinking around there for years and have never found a decent late night boozer, well not one I'm sharing on here, anyway.
  7. Could try the 100 club in Oxford Street look in time out for what bands are playing
  8. San miguels opposite Edgware Road district line station stays open late, food good, company interesting, keyboard player aweful.

  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Yo Pops - check yr PMs plse.

    ( And you could allus totter up Charing Cross Road to << Break for the Border>> if it's still there - Tex Mex...tequila music late...)

  10. We're in Westminster/Charing X area this Wednesday/Thursday. Normally meet in Ship and Shovel where elase is good?

    Staying in nearby Hotel so can get late drinks, but bloody expensive and don't fancy eating a curry at midnight!

    Any ideas?
  11. I like The Beaujolais in Litchfield Street - off Charing X Road. Upstairs is bar which does food, downstairs is members only I believe.
  12. If you are in Charing Cross area, then head up to Covent Garden. There are lots of late opening places, and a few decent priced ones if you sniff around, from there you are also only 400 yds from Soho too.....
  13. Try the House of Commons bar that never shut!

  14. Cracking place Pops. The only thing is that it is run by frenchies... still worth a visit though.