Barrymore arrested over pool death

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by airforceone, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. Breaking news on Sky and the Beeb - Barrymore has been arrested with two others in connection with the death of Stuart Lubbock - the guy who was found dead in Barrymore's pool. E-Goat are having fun with this story.
  2. Is that because they are all gay and planning similar parties themselves?
  3. Sky have said its him intheir bulletin
  4. BBC says:

    But I see that Sky says:

    I just hope that whoever the guilty barstewards are that they pay for the pain and humiliation they put that poor man through and that his family find some peace.
  5. Essex Police gave no further details at this stage but said the men were aged 37, 32 and 55.

    Police did not name the men arrested and would not say if Mr Barrymore, who is 55, was among them.

  6. They certainly did put him through! With a large rubber c*ck "allegedly"!!
  7. If they are all guilty then it's a real shame that they have had the last 5/6 of their lives 'free'. Barrymore got to go on Big Brother and earn a bit of dough. Something Lubbock (gay or not) will never be able to do now.
  8. In the voice of Lloyd Groseman "lets look at the evidence",
    "the dead queer in the swimming pool",
    "The swimming proficiency certificate",
    "and the lines of cocaine on the table".
    " who lives in a house like this?" "David its over to you"
  9. David Frost did it?!?!?!?!?! 8O :lol:
  10. Isn't that the bloke who had a "fist sized" object stuffed up his tailpipe? No wonder he fcuking sank.
  11. Blimey didn't know David Frost was a fudge packer.
  12. Quote from yahoo news:

    Post mortem tests indicated Lubbock had drowned and an inquest recorded an open verdict on his death.

    The coroner said he had been found with drugs and alcohol in his system and with serious anal injuries, suggesting he had been the victim of a violent sexual assault.


    Looks like them Bummed him to death
  13. Something like this perchance ?

    From the Gallery:

    Barrymore's best friend

    But nowadays I bet those pool-cleaning bills are a fraction of what they used to be.
  14. Possibly not, if you believe the Independent on Sunday

    ““If his injuries occurred here,” asks Barrymore, “why was there no blood on his boxer shorts? Why is there no blood in the house? Or in the pool?”

    It’s a vital question. Lubbock’s anal injuries, lacerations as well as bruising and dilation, would have involved a substantial amount of bleeding and even small bloodstains are notoriously difficult to eradicate. Moreover, since the inquest, Stuart Nairn, one of the A&E nurses who worked without success to resuscitate Lubbock for over two-hours, has provided a detailed sworn statement to Barrymore’s solicitor which has sparked the new investigation by Essex police and thrown the coroner’s presumption about where the injuries took place into even more doubt.

    Nairn’s assigned task for the entire two-hours was repeatedly taking Lubbock’s temperature rectally with a small, thin, thermal probe. Nairn performed this operation 16 times, pulling apart Lubbock’s buttocks and opening his sphincter each time. His statement makes clear that he saw no evidence of the injuries described at the coroner’s inquiry. Indeed he noticed no dilation or significant bruising (according to the pathologists’ report, even if Nairn’s small temperature probe were actually quite large, he would not have needed to open Lubbock’s sphincter muscle at all). “I am sure that I would have noticed this,” says Nairn. “Moreover, I would have reported this to the doctor.”

    Nairn was due to appear as a witness at the inquest but the police say they lost contact with him.

    Some people have the most interesting jobs. 8O