Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Aug 5, 2004.

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  1. hi guys
    im going to Barrybudden camp, anybody tell me if its any good or shite
    pubs nearby or village etc
  2. Not been since late eighties but was pretty basic then. Dundee is nearest life. Weather - cold, wet and windy. Have emplaned at Leuchars many times to jump at Barrybudden but every lob was scratched due to the wind.
  3. Went there a few years ago - did a great dawn attack across the ranges down to the sea.

    We had a dinner night in a restaurant nearby - a converted country house with an enormous wrought iron greenhouse - but I can't remember what it was called. We also had to stop firing at various times to accomodate the golf, which was a pain!
  4. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    The camps quite nice now, all new blocks etc. The NAAFI has large projector TV, decent seats, carpeting etc and is nicely done up. Only thing is the weather hasn't changed, normally tipping down/blowing gale force, although last time there I did get sun burn.
  5. Barry Buddon.....Wriggly tin buildings now mostly gone and not missed; shiny new Wathgill-style blocks, NAAFI, decent cookhouse, offices, stores, etc.

    Good range complex (seaside and sand dunes - think Altcar). Limited dry training on-site, but good for low-level stuff. So flat that the massive numbers of speedbumps show up on the contour map 8) Anything more, and you'll have to head off to Balduff training area, which does have some hills.

    Monifieth (the local town) is a couple of km along the road. Supermarket; several small pubs, curry house, chip shop.

    The neighbouring golf course (as in, one fairway runs parallel to the 1000-yd range) is Carnoustie.

    The bright lights and big city is Dundee, well within reach. The local taxi firms are well used to driving you back at silly-o-clock. Some of the OTC forum types actually live there, they can tell you where to go.
  6. Speak nicely to the guard house - there are a couple of take away joints that will deliver to your grid reference :D

    Good place for a camp, but beware of the midges + idiotic golfers (the course runs right along side one of the ranges.

    Ah memories, seeing a jock taken out by a sliced drive as he dashed forwards in the section battle shoot 8O
  7. Monifieth is in walking distance if the Buddon Arms doesn't take your it still there?
  8. don't forget range guard on the coastal areas keeping an eye out for stray shipping coming in too close, many a long hour wasted using my imagination and my right hand :oops:
  9. Plenty of guard huts! A good way of avoiding the range if you think you're too p!$$ed to shoot, as a result of too much the night before. Not me, I hasten to add!
  10. cheers thanks for all the useful info and tips
  11. just got back from barrybudden one hell of a training area :D
    the accomodation block is good and the food in the mess is better than my HQ.
    the training area is very strange as the Civpop can drive through it, so you could patrol with weapons etc while people are walking dogs and driving past
    maybe a snap ambush is in order :lol: