Barry Scott and Cillit Bang!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Proximo, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. I doubt many of you will have seen this...

    Click here for good, clean, wacky fun!

    Prompted by a very bizarre conversation about 'Barry Scott', viral advertising and whether he really exists.

    Might not work on DII - which is probably just as well!! :D
  2. 8O I can see that becoming the no. 1 tune in all the chav clubs
  3. Unfortunately, so can I - and I couldn't care less! :D
  4. Can Cillit Bang remove stains from my bedroom curtains?
  5. Prepare to be staggered!

    In the ad, we clearly see our hero 'Barry Scott' dipping a coin into the mysterious fluid for cleaning. However....


    ...this is all very odd! The coin in the ad is definitely a copper plated coin!
  6. Can you drink it?
  7. I don't think so, Oz. I'm struggling to think of any practical use for the product, as it appears to be incapable of mixing with virtually any material you care to mention.

    It seems the ASA have seen their arrse with it as well.

  8. Cilit Bang

    Science at its best, thats how to clean coins with cilit bang.

    I also advise you, from very painful personal experience, dont get the powder version into you eyes. The feeling is akin to being flicked on a gonad, no pain for a little while then all hell rains down on you. Its fcuking horrid stuff.

  9. Use her hair to wipe next time Gunny!!
  10. Her?
  11. Forsaken_Child is obsessed. He keeps MSNing me about what it does to pennies & his urge to go out to buy some. He sent me this PM:

    ARRSE Maidens & ARRSE Adonii, I present, Forsaken_Child, the Cillit Bang Stalker! 8O :lol:
  12. HEY! That's not fair, I'm only wondering if it'd clean my mind!

    Anyway you know you love us both Dozy, me and Cilit BANG!
  13. Impossible! :roll: :lol:
  14. And here's me been really nice and gentleman like then I'm talking to you, even after the conversation when you were hammered and saying anughty things!!!
  15. DD you seem to know just a bit too much on this subject - could I interest you in joining the Its a pukka gen Livery company where you can get into some real deep meaningful discussions on all types of cleaning products.

    I wonder if this stuff is anygood on medals? - the subject of an earlier post.