Barry Obama V horse-sized duck?

Oh, a thought experiment offered to everybody's favorite Kenyan: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Liked this observation:
and politics:
After engaging his graduate students in conversation, he came to realize that it would be politically disastrous for Obama to fight the duck-sized horses. Think about it. In America, the duck lobby is composed of duck hunters. The horse lobby is made up of horse lovers who succeeded in stopping Californians from buying horse meat. The young women voters essential to the Democratic coalition are far more sympathetic to veritable ponies than a giant, rape-obsessed mallard. Shooting the duck would be perfectly legal under existing law, or would at worst result in a citation for hunting without a license.
No wild fowls were harmed in submitting this thread.
Am I the only one that was expecting to see a photo of Barry's horse-sized dick?
Ugly Obozo -5.jpg
I wonder on being asks this thought:

"Those pesky little horses, would require a modern sporting rifle and Biden's going to ban em. Better go for the duck with my Kenyan Ju Ju Jitsu."

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