Barry O: Unopposed President - bad for everyone?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stonker, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. From the current edition of The Economist, an assessment that near-civil war in the Republican ranks means Barry O lacks an opposition party, at a time when the world really needs one:

    Is The Economist barking up the wrong tree, or is the Conservative end of US politics really in a mess, and does this matter over here?
  2. palin for 2012 you betcha it matters :oops:
    if the shaved chimp was bad and he wasn't actually as dumb as I thought.
    sarah "i can see russia from my house" and the tea party are dumber than you can imagine. :(

    There a right wing version of labour in the 80s unelectable idiots who think the bible a copy of ayn rand and a rifle are all you need :twisted:
  3. On behalf of all Americans, I'd like to apologize for the behavior of President Barack Obama. His very clear anti-British sentiment is simply part of who he is. I think it is shameful and I am completely embarrassed.

    I am sorry.

    As to the conservative movement in the United States, the zeitgeist has settled upon a fairly rational narrative: that many Democrats are either corrupt or incompetent, or both; that Democrats simply have all the wrong ideas and that President Obama has turned out to be a complete disaster and most Americans are counting down the days until Barack Obama is no longer President. Political independents have seen the light and understand the impulses inherent to Modern American Liberalism and its representative Democratic Party. America rejects the cult of Obama.

    Mid term elections in November will see Democrats suffering significant losses sufficient to nullify Obama's political agenda.

    I can assure you that the American People as a whole, greatly value our special relationship with Great Britain and in fact, the entire United Kingdom.
  4. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    From my latest 3 weeks in VA, I met nobody who didn't blow a personal fuse/fuze when the "O" word was mentioned. As a regular visitor, I can believe that my drinking buddies and other acquaintances spoke from the heart - and with almost uncontrollable anger.

    And any President who skips Memorial Day in DC, leaving it to Veep Biden, to do some politicing in his power-base of Chicago really needs a reality check.

    And I half-caught something on Fox this evening [mid-day your time] about the increase in the US National Debt during Mr O's time in power running into billions? or was it trillions ... you do such big numbers!

  5. Kind of you Lipo, kind of you. He really hates us doesn't he?

    If only we had been as harsh as say, the Belgians, when dealing with his terrorist Grand-daddy........ :p
  6. Pfft.... been registered as an Independent voter since the late 80's. The Republicans and Democrats are opposite sides of the same tarnished coin. They take the same money from the same fricking lobbyists and blow the same smoke up the voters behind while doing it. Too many politicians are loyal to their party first and their constituants a distant second.

    Big part of the problem is that the majority of folks here do not vote in smaller local elections or just go single line affiliation thus skewing the pool of candidates. When the jacktard who bullied his classmates for their lunch money runs for first selectman of his town is when people who know the truth about his charictor need to speak out and vote against him as it's rather late to open one's piehole and complain when the same person is running for much higher office.

  7. I always think Obamas current presidency akin to Blairs early days in power. Great words, no substance. In the frozen north as we say, 'all piss and wind'. Before Obama starts on BP he should look the track record of the US. Take for example Bohpal, Piper Alpha and Exxon Valdiz for starters.
    Perhaps Obama should be reminded of the 'Deepwater Horizon' incident, also in the gulf of Mexico.
  8. There are real differences between Democrats and Republicans.
  9. That may be so - I am particularly interested in the notion that the Repubs are too divided to offer effective opposition to a POTUS who doesn't feel half as good now as he seemed to be while The Shrub was still in the Oval Office.
  10. Explain, please. :)
  11. If Barack Obama has succeeded in doing anything, it is that he has unified the opposition. As long as he is in office, he will continue to do so.

    Alas, it is true that the conservative movement, much larger now than it was before, has divisions within it, each struggling for relevance and control.

    However, in the end, I think Sarah Palin will likely be the conservative standard bearer. I think she will beat Mitt Romney for the nomination.

    Ron Paul could play the role of spoiler if he can split the conservative base, but I doubt it.

    Ron Paul's ideas on foreign policy are frightening.
  12. Roughly speaking, the fundamental differences between Democrats and Republicans revolve around what each side believes the proper role of government should be.

    Democrats want big government. Activist government. A political philosophy that posits from the beginning that government knows what's best for you, better than you do.

    Republicans favor smaller, limited government that does only a few things: defense, law enforcement and that's about it.

    On the freedom versus equality scale, Republicans lean toward freedom of choice and Democrats lean toward equality of outcomes.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    So which has the bigger influence - the party alignment or the presidents personality?
    I would argue the second from the international observer perspective - Bush damaged the US reputation severely aboard, and to be honest, nobody outside the US really cares whether someone in mid-West hicksville living in a caravan (you would call it a trailer) has a health scheme or not.....
  14. Some relationships in Europe aren't worth maintaining. For example: Turkey. They can go straight to hell.

    The President should keep his eye firmly fixated on the wants and desires of the American People. All other considerations are secondary.
  15. Back a century ago you would be correct Lipo... the differances between the parties were about state's rights and goverment responsibility. However... both sides have used the same cards. Democrats notably championed state segregation laws as not being subserviant to federal law for example. Now a days both parties love to expand government both at state and federal level... Obama still hasn't caught up with Bush JR's creation of new departments...

    No... the only real differance between both parties now is whom they pander to for votes then disregard.