Barry Jones round the world....

Muttley, last thing I saw, which I think was in this month's Soldier, was that Barry had temporairily stopped, due to some fracas kebabside, making it difficult for him to transit the area.......

But I think he set some kind of record too - So well done Barry, if you or any or your team could give us a sitrep?
Hi I have joined the Global Newsletter which gives you all the information you require. From the most recent newsletter it would appear that Barry crashed the aircraft, makes interesting reading. All is still going ahead though, I have met some of the team on their travels but not since the reported accident, why not get across to their web site and email them to find out more.

Sorry I can't give you any more info as I don't have any at the moment



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I take it this is the same chap who came to ATR(Pirbright) not so long ago to give a brief talk and demonstration of his flying skills...

At the end of it all he got in his magnificent flying machine, took off from the parade square and promptly flew straight into the side of the Recruit Selection Centre which must be at least 5m high. Some claret flowed but fortunately that was pretty much it.

You just made coffee come through my nose  :mad:

Lololololololololololol There's a film in this isn't there

"The Terrible Trials and Inestimable Fortitude of WO2 Barry"

Why have I got the theme tune to "Those magnificent men in their flying machines" going round in my napper?
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