Barry Buddon (Phase one)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hedphelym, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has had any past experience with Barry Buddon training camp? I'm doing all of my phase one training in a 2 week block there in Septemeber, and would be grateful if anyone has any tips or knowledge about it. Especially as to what to bring to make it a little easier!

    Considering where it is, I can imagine it's going to get some nice freezing winds blowing over it, other than that I can't seem to find much info about the place.

    Thanks for your time
  2. Barry Butt Plug is great, plenty of open spaces to stretch those legs. :wink:
  3. I don't want to start an argument, or anything like that.......but do the TA only do 2 weeks phase one training?

    What do they squeeze into that time?
  4. I'm not sure what the process is about the training in the two weeks.

    I've just joined up. I've done my RSW, I have to do another weekend at the end of the month, then there is the two week phase one training block. As far as im aware, this doesnt happen often. I jumped at the chance to get phase one done like that beacuse it's with my own unit too, and it wont take me several weekends.
  5. That just doesn't sound right, you should have done part 1a&b which takes about 7w/es in total, or two weeks, followed by your part 1c of two weeks, so it may just be your 1a&b what unit you with and Brigade?
  6. Hmmm that'd be a first :D but in total its 4 weeks....ish and everything that ITG want us to do!! it is the CMS though, just arranged to suit the TA needs, though at times you wouldnt think so.
  7. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    Barry Butlins is a pretty good camp all in all.

    New modern accomodation, in the main in ten man rooms, not bunks, decent sized wardrobe (take a padlock). Abultions good always plenty hot water.

    Cookhouse ok, food of a reasonable standard.

    NAFFI fine - the usual bar, pool table etc, also serve hot food in evenings.

    Ranges excellent, tho all subject to the weather....think they thought "ahha, its cold wet and windy here, lets build a range".
    Training area ok, tho mainly flat so not particularly challenging.

    Decent pubs nearby and plenty of carry out restaurants, all of whom deliver to camp.

    Hope thats a help, anything else feel free to ask!
    Have fun!
  8. And the assault course is piss easy!
  9. I've been there on 3 occasions with my School and ACIO.

    It's all nice modern buildings but the beds looked like they came straight out of 1901. There is an electrical/laser indoor range which is good fun, the 1.5 mile route is one of the easiest I've done, it's just a straight road, then run around a cone then back. NAAFI was cool there was a massive TV up in one corner last time, but the PTI was too busy watching soaps, so we had to settle for that. :(

    I'd say it's quite a good camp compared to other transits i've been to (like that one near Larkhill with those black huts [forgot the name - but.. OMG])
  10. It can be pretty bleak. I'm glad they updated the facilities - I went to sleep in a little room with the world's shittest gas fire in it and woke up looking like John Major's Spitting Image puppet.
  11. No, it's all phase 1 training plus the special to arms infantry training too. Basically, RSW and weekend one are being done at Brigade and then it's weekends 2 - 10 being done at BB. All a lot of fun! I'm going too. 4 YORKS ftw!
  12. Indeed!
  13. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    DCCT (thats what its called) was removed last year
  14. All phase 1 training? thats like a X challenge, and they last 4-5 weeks with the inf CIC instructors coming up.

    w/es 2-10 =18 days with 14 days spent doing the CIC phase = 32 days or am I missing somthing?
  15. I defer to your superior knowledge good sir, however this is what we've been told. Perhaps we do the CIC after our two weeks, or it is rolled into one? I don't know much about CIC anyway - not sure I have to do it.