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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Lt_Gen_Me, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Any comments on Barry Budden;

    Training areas/facilities.

  2. Handy place..Great ranges.....Training area is a bit small and very flat...blocks are spot on...Naffi is not old and the foods long as you dont mind a wait!
    food not too bad but the horror bags are gash!!!!
    if your going out for a beer go towards Dundee the local pubs are not great...

    the Sgt and officers messes are in good order and the place has a near new DCCT...

    over all good place for Camp/Course........
  3. Beer doesn't taste bad and you can grab a burger in the mess. Great for fat cunts like me!
  4. It has hot showers, a decent Naafi and the packed lunches had enough in them for 3... except when you get something hot, then you just get a scrap of food and an apple.
  5. Fcuk me, Scotland has running water? 8O

    Well I never...
  6. Monifieth is the first place you come to on leaving BB and it has a few pubs (which stay open very late :D ) & a good chippy. Broughty Ferry (pronounced Brotty Ferry) has a few excellent pubs and is next door to Monifieth on the way to Dundee. BF has loads of pubs & a few chippies. Dundee is a good night out.

    Oh, and Barry Budden camp is OK too :D
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Its called rain Matelot :cry: Remember the old adage - If it is not raining, then it is about to.
  8. Beat me to it A-Y.

    It's not called Barry Butlins for nothing.
  9. Went there on exercise Sept 2000 and we had to doss down in an old light house keepers place called "Jacks House". Stagging on surrounded by sand dunes was fun in near hurricane winds getting sand blasted for hours. Dundee Ten minutes on train and as stated by others a good night out with load of Students to impress with your skills as an Elite Airborne underwater knife fighter..
  10. We had it before you lot you savage, greasy matelot :p
  11. They were living in mud huts and eating dung when we got it.. :wink:
  12. So that's why he talks sh*te all the time and spends most of his time in the gutter :D There's just no hiding a deficiency of class with some people :D
  13. Showers ? Blocks ?? When I was there we bivvied up on the sand dunes and the only building we saw was the ressy testing facility. The only thing I remember about it was burning my eyebrows off lighting the lazyman boiler
  14. you'll be saying it has gas and elec next :roll:
  15. Hot & Cold biting beasties, ticks with Lymes alles uber der platz.