Barry Budden

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Lt_Gen_Me, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Any comments on Barry Budden;

    Training areas/facilities.

  2. Erm, it's in Jockistan....

    You can shoot the wild haggis that roam the area as well.

    It's not too far from RM Arbroath which has excellent (sorry, sorry, hoofing) facilities.
  3. I've just spent a week there. The training area and ranges are superb. Ideal for a Coy Strength deployment. The range staff and range control are the most helpful of any range i've been on.

    The camp has been renovated relatively recently and the facilities are quite a lot better than many around Salisbury Plain.

    The NAAFI is quite good and the cookhouse does reasonable food. If in doubt there is a Tesco just outside of camp so you can always get extra stuff there.

    Hope that helps.
  4. Think Barry Butlins, you got it right.

    was there 3 years ago, top camp.
  5. Sounds good, whats Pennally like?
  6. Barry Budden great unless the golf is on in which case you sit for an hour every time they close the gates for the trains and for the golfers to play through .....

    Carnoustie next door for golf. Dundee just down the road for trains, bigger shops and nightlife. The local village has a TESCO, some small shops and post office etc.

    Night firing GPMG(SF) - bliss!
    Four mile bash at 0200hrs in full NBC gear - eeww!
  7. It is good training area.

    The platoon advance to contact along the partially wooded Barry Ridge can be challenging due to varying plantation density and you may experience a surprise or two up there. The narrow width of the woodland atop the ridge makes it perfect for funnelling opposing night patrols into one another. You should be okay at this time of year, though when early morning sea mist persists a quick check of your compass is in order to ensure you assault out of the FUP on the correct bearing. There is a large wooded area bordering the war memorial that is ideal for nav. exercises and a network of drainage ditches that provide cover for movement during section attacks. :)
  8. It's a great training area, but you really, really don't want to be there during a blizzard, or in fact in any winter weather - then it's miserable as sin.
  9. hope you like hill walking!
  10. Great during Summer but Winter is a night mare, GPMG (SF) shoots are great but be careful of the Light Ship in the Tay as your left marker!
  11. i agree with the Barry Butlins comment. I'm spending the next 10 days training cadets. Also spent winter camp -it was mighty cold
  12. It's called Barry Buddon and you are getting plenty of decent answers on the QM thread so please try to limit yourself to posting a question in one forum at a time...

    other than that,

    the curry house in monifieth is great and the garlic naan comes with a nice green cylume coating...
  13. Don't go to Dundee.
  14. Did a camp there with my ACF county couple of years back. Locality is Buddon ness, a promontary of land east of Dundee that is as flat as a fluke IIRC. Good accommodation, great training area. Food was OK but not sure if caterers are on site or brought in. Good off camp facilities as well if you get the chance. Hope this helps.
  15. Barry Butlins? Bloody Barren was what it was called in my day, though the 90's were a while a go.

    January 97 saw temperatures of around -15-20C and the entirety of GSUOTC 1st year being moved in to the newly built accommodation blocks when people started hallucinating....I seem to remember getting the feeling back in the big toe on my right foot sometime around easter :p

    Spent the night in the lighthouse more than once after moving to the TA and must say the curry house in Broughty Ferry was excellent.....particularly when your soldiers are back in the lighthouse having fish suppers (my OC and 2ic dragged us along to keep us away from he bad influence of our PL Sgts) :)