Barroso says - "Britain closer to joining the Euro"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tazzers, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. I wonder if this is the end game. I wonder how much of this is 'engineered'.

    Britain close to joining the Euro

    Why am I not suprised?
  2. o ffs! what do you think tony and gordons whole end game was all along?

    gordon has DELIBERATELY wrecked the economy so we 'have no choice' but to join the euro for 'economic stability'.

    it was obvious when he sold off the gold reserves that he was on a path to make the UK economically unviable.

    all in the pursuit of a greater reich, sorry, i mean euro community.
  3. Mr. Barroso said:
    How very, very odd.

    I have always thought that in a democracy the will of the majority of the people was what mattered. It appears that in the EU it is an elite few "people who matter" whose opinions count. Every day I learn something new about government in a democracy.
  5. Thread opening title changed. It would be good if people actually read the opening post through before reaching for the rant paint pot.

    Still, wonder how much the Euro went up by on market opening?
  6. I always thought it would be better for Britain to revert to the Commonwealth, but one can't turn back the clock...

    Under the present circumstances EU is probably the best variant. Unfortunately, it is governed by unelected bureaucrats-politicians who failed in their own countries. On the other hand, are we better off under our elected failures?
  7. So if I interpret this correctly, as far as our Euro chums are concerned we may not want it but we don't know what's good for us and our leaders or "the people who matter" have decided anyway. Now this is isn't exactly new we've always known that this shower will sell us down the river but I never seen it expressed so openly before. I agree with you DavidBOC, I always thought we, the voters mattered. :x
  8. I should imagine that, were the UK to remain in the EU that eventually we will adopt the Euro. A single trading currency makes as much sense as no borders in a free trade zone. If we do adopt the Euro it will show immediately just how high the cost of living is in the UK compared to other European Countries. MEPs are elected officials and commissars are appointed by our elected officials in Parliament. The jobs are usually given to those who have shown exceptional service to their country and who have shown themselves to be accomplished and respected politicians and also to Peter Mandelson.
    As long as the position of HMQ remains sacrosanct and we remain a democratic monarchy I have no real problems with having the Euro as our currency, after all it is a decimal system the same as ours.
  9. I believe this is down to a mistranslation. In the link below it says that "although the mayority of britain doesn't want to join the euro, that could change over a period of time".

    I might be wrong though..linky
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer


    Said this about 2 weeks ago in another thread about the credit crunch/currency values - ie: Cyclops would probably use it as an excuse to join the Euro, citing the stability of that currency and the crunch effect on ours..
  11. I think that was the pact with Mandy - he comes back to help Gordy, but we go into the Euro as a 'thank you' . Whats the bets he cancels the referendum we've been promised as we'd get the 'wrong result'.
  12. I'll bet 3 guineas, two shillings and a farthing we will be spending Euros in the UK within the next couple of years.
  13. The public get what the public want, as long as the chavs keep him in power then the further we will be shafted! I can not beleive people actuately think liabor are doing a decent job!
    IMO we are better with the pound, if we were already part of the euro, I think we would have single handidly reduced its stock!
    when is the next election, will he take it to the wire, if they get voted back 9in then I am emigrating, first the euro then its the european army led by the french, the futures bright the futures an election!
  14. You been to the Britain lately?
  15. Mate, couple of points (call me a pedant) we are not a democratic monarchy we have a constitutional monarch but we do not elect them - much to the consternation of Zanu Liabour and the limp dems. And more importantly, do you honestly think things will be cheaper in the UK when Gorgon tries to railroad us down a road that the majority don't want? Britain isn't in a mess because of the credit crunch. Britain is fecked because of 11 years of mismanagement and spending like a chav with a stolen credit card. VAT is about to bite the country very firmly on the arrse and with nearly a year to sharpen it's teeth it's going to hurt! Labour want the euro and the eurozone and all the trappings that go with it (like Brussells and Maastricht) the problem is, we don't and that is where this story will end. They can't afford to foist this one us because they know an election is looming, where at very best (for Gorgon) we will end up in a hung parliament. If Gorgon and the gang want a place at that table then they can't afford to risk alienating the voting public any further. Until then it's just more of the same -Spend and tax, spend and tax-boom and bust the emphasis for the tax payer is squarely sat at 'tax and bust' and the situation is no better in the euro zone!