Barrosa Day

Today 5th March is Barrosa Day, where just outside Cadiz, Spain, Sergeant Patrick Masterson of 87th (The Prince of Wales's Own Irish) Regiment of Foot, captured the Eagle of the 8th Ligne Regiment.

Battle of Barrosa


War Hero
Here's to the Saucy Prince's Own.

Faugh a Ballagh


War Hero
"Bejabbers Boys! I've got the cuckoo!"
You couldn't make that up.


And here's to Patrick Masterton's grandson (or would it have been great grandson) who won a VC in South Africa in January 1900. What a family.
I noticed a recent post which suggested that Patrick Masterson was possibly related to James Edward Ignatius Masterson who won the VC in 1900.
I wonder if whoever made that suggestion could contact me or provide more information.
Thanks. (

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