barroom brawl, we got the music, now choose your weapon....

Your most effective weapon, in no particular order...

  • Bottle

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  • Chair / stool (wood)

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  • Chair (plastic)

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  • Foot / knee

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  • Ur head

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  • Fist

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  • Side of table or wall

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  • Feather duster

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scrofula has covered suitable music for a barroom brawl,

lets cover self defence and the range of options avalible, vote for the most effective weapon, no firearms or knives.....this is a freindly place....

you may also want to add some additional options too....
I'd go for a good old set of brass knuckledusters and a can of CS gas spray.......
how about a 3 foot samurai sword - surely the weapon of champions - do I win £10?
what kind of bar is it ????

id go a bit mental and start flailing a numchuck around the place
in the relms of offensive wepons, I feel a police type baton may do quite well, and in a similar vein for improvised types, maybe a wooden chair leg, or metal chair/table leg, would be my weapon of choise.


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Anything that comes to hand? Usually not a lot of time to choose weapons. Improvisation rules.
Pool cue used bayonet style, dick heads always start swinging them. I saw a dog get the good news from a pool cue speared right through it, very nasty.
id pick a german shepard dog because they always won when the cops send them in the naafi
Big glass ashtrays used to be the business , can frizbee them much better than pint glasses. Farking smoking ban nazis , ruining all the fun.
A bit insensitive this thread considering the unfortunate demise of the lass up in Manchester?
im a bit disappointed noones gone for the foot or knee yet, a kick or good kneein in the boll*cks usually gets things off to a good start, whilse the side of a wall or corner of a table can also be useful. ( so i've been told anyway...)
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