Barron Castleshort part IV

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I have been asked to start part IV as part III has been removed for a much needed 'service' and will re-appear as a locked thread at the earliest opportunity. There will of course be a link attached to this post when it becomes available.


If the delightful world of Baron Castleshort is new to you may I suggest that you do one or both of the following before making your first post;

1) Read the 200 pages of the “main” thread in the Stickies area
2) Read the ARRSEpedia article at –

Link to part III > <

Crack on chaps...............

Note [align=center]

This was recently posted (27-04-2010) So I hope notice is taken as I am unable to edit the thread apart from my own posts

"I wonder if you would do us interested readers a huge favour and self police this thread more strictly as posters like KK aka Dannydiedhard aka Billowrights (bill of rights?) aka Richard Card are banned as his drivel is very distracting from the actual subject matter with all his conspiracy theories carrying zero substance. It has been mentioned many times his posts do your thread more negative harm rather than positive progression. On more than occasion I have suspected he is acting on behalf of Jim by posting a right croc of misleading tripe by dangling red hearings for his personal grievance against Kent cops, his failure to comply with repeated requests should result in him being banned.

Killaloe_holiday, would you grace us with more of a explanation in some of your posts? in your earlier posts as Killaloe you were quite informative, your later post's resemble riddles and rhymes encompassing hints of intent, but no delivery or follow up.

I'm looking forward to reading more on this thread, extending my thanks and best wishes to you all.
Keep up the good work.
I arrive at the scout hut ... sorry Pinewood Camp on a friday evening, get gear out of the car, i am in civvies, and I notice this bloke wearing para working dress walking up and down the main room. I take no notice and I hear this guy ask Jimbo who I was, and Jimbo replied its one of the CTT team from 2 Para. On hearing that, he wants to be my best friend and introduces himself as a tom fro 10 Para.

I had never really come across any TA guys, and had not been very impressed of the ones I had met. I asked this guy what he did for a living and he said he worked for the CIA and tapped his nose. Mr Shortt overheard this and walked up to me and whispered in my ear, said this guy was a bullsh*tter.

The words pots and kettles come to mind
visitor said:
Following on from yesterday...

As I pm Adam a few moments ago, I thought this link may be of interest & relevance:

A quick scroll down the link, and you will find all the activity.. For a private company it has rather a lot of director changes going on since its formation in 1996. :lol: :D
Good start to Pt IV Visitor :D

Filed On Description Price Buy
15-05-2009 Notice of change of directors or secretaries or in their particulars. - 1 page(s) £18.00
So who has a spare 18 squid ?
That looks suspiciously like £18 per entry ... and might generate sod-all of interest [like Sharon got married and changed her surname ... it can happen, even in Swindon ;-) ]
Correct Uncle Blue I am not going waste £18 when I can get the info buckshee on Monday. However what does interest me is that the IBA in the UK have an SIC of 74990 & have declared to Companies House that they are Non Trading !!!!! Naughty Naughty 'Sir' Duncan. You may of filed late documents to Companies House declaring that the IBA in the UK are Non Trading and escaped been struck off by a whisker. However the curse of ARRSE looms. :wink:

I wonder if the lovely Sandra & principal of the New College Swindon are aware of the image below ?

Are Trading Standards in Wiltshire going to be informed of the Non Trading IBA ?

I wonder what the Contributions Agency & HMCE would think ?

I hope no buck eejit informs them :D


I would not get too bothered by that particular site as it is obviously a) behind the times & b) an expensive way to get info.
Agree Gasman would not waste my money at £18 a go.

Here is a screengrab of Westerns link. Seems like Donna the Company Sec of the IBA who looks after the IBA admin & works in the office has moved to pastures new. Is there some type of internal trouble within the IBA, what a shame :lol:

There's not necessarily any big deal on a few name changes either, TBH.

If you did a search on my company you would find a couple of changes of Directors and Secretary in recent years. The term "resigned" is SOP.
As jim shortt originally provided Duncan White iba documents in order for Duncan White to register iba with companies house in 2006, it makes jim shortt directly involved with that company.

Clearly the iba traded in the UK since 2006. Is everyone agreed to those 2 facts?

As company websites are an electronic form of official company documents and correspondence, then the following rules apply: SEE CHAPTER 7 under COMPANY NAMES GBF2

Would someone confirm for us, if the same rules apply in RoI?? If the same rules do apply, then maybe jim shortt and Duncan White would like to comply with the companies act in UK (and RoI if the same rule applies), by adding relevant legal information to iba websites and provide the addresses in which all iba company records, documents and accounts are held for the purposes of inspection by any member of the general public.
This made interesting reading too: Quote from companies house:

What is the difference between a non-trading company and a dormant company?

A company can be non-trading in the sense that it isn't doing business. But it may still have other accounting transactions going through its books, which means that it is not dormant in a legal sense. A dormant company must not have any accounting transactions except specific allowable transactions that can be disregarded, see chapter 3.

3. Why have a dormant company?

Companies may be dormant for various reasons, for example, to protect a company name, in readiness for a future project, or to hold an asset or intellectual property. Some flat management companies whose main purpose is to own the head lease or the freehold of a property choose to become dormant by setting up a residents' association to deal with any expenses.

A company can remain dormant for as long as necessary - indefinitely if, for example, its purpose is just to prevent the name being used by another company. However, there are expenses associated with keeping a company on the register. In particular, there is an annual document-processing fee payable on delivery of an annual return. The fee is £15 when you submit it electronically, or £30 when you submit it on paper). While the company is dormant, it must still prepare and submit various other documents including annual company balance sheets to Companies House. The company will have to decide how to meet these expenses and who will run the company and be responsible for ensuring that it meets all the legal requirements.

Unquote, Sums up to be NO iba training courses or any other iba business in Uk with jim shortts involvement or anyone else, until Duncan White amends the records at companies house.
Almost forgot to quote this little beauty:

What happens if I do not submit documents to Companies House?

When you are appointed as an officer, you take on some important obligations. If you don’t comply with them, there could be serious consequences. The company's officers could be prosecuted because they are personally responsible for ensuring that they submit company information on time. Failing to do so is a criminal offence. In addition, there will always be an automatic civil penalty for submitting accounts late. Further information about late filing penalties is available in our booklet 'Late Filing Penalties' available on the Companies House website.

The Registrar could also assume that the company is no longer carrying on business or in operation and strike it from the register. If the Registrar strikes a company off the register, it ceases to exist and its assets become Crown property. :wink:
I'll explain by pm why I have put this post up. For now, It just requires sitting here in the public domain.

Welcome to the IBAUk Head Office

23 - 24 High Street
Wootton Bassett

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 09:00 till 17:00

Office Telephone:- + 44 (0) 1793 855 090
Company Secretary Mobile:- + 44 (0) 7809 127243
(Mobile are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week)

Company Director M: + 44 (0) 77483 90108
(Office hour only)

Email us at any time for more infomation about the IBA or course

On another note,
When jim shortt approved this website for the UK franchise, did he actually take the time to check the spelling: on the "contact us" page its shows "wecolme... Very professional touch that one.. :lol: :joker:
So we are now on chapter 4,,, this could turn out to be a best seller soon, wonder if Steve Spielberg will do the movie --- Liam Neeson as the Baron Shuttlecock, The cast of Eastenders as his family and the cast of it aint half hot mum as his latest students !!!!

RE - trading while listed as non trading, positive we mentioned this before to the lovelies at Swindon College, as well as the tax declaration rules !!! They answered that all was legal and above board --- about as legal and above board as the governments expense refunds -- maybe now is a good time for someone in authority to look at this to take some heat away from the govt....

I would imagine that Companies House has a complaints and investigation department !!! maybe a wee info letter to them would not go amiss,,,
Greetings all. Sterling work chaps!

The Borrmount Manor Borrmount. address has featured a few times in the past....I seem to recall it is/was associated with a Golf Club/Hotel in that part of the Emerald Isle.

The Devil is in the Detail, Shortt as you find yourself more bedevilled with each passing day.

Deep Joy
PappaRat said:
Greetings all. Sterling work chaps!

The Borrmount Manor Borrmount. address has featured a few times in the past....I seem to recall it is/was associated with a Golf Club/Hotel in that part of the Emerald Isle.

The Devil is in the Detail, Shortt as you find yourself more bedevilled with each passing day.

Deep Joy
Cheers PR, I hadn't seen that address before.. Glad to find out its been previously mentioned on here.
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