Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by hammockhead, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. Anyone here know any reservists who are barristers in private practice? Thinking of moving to the bar, and wanted to know how easy it is to juggle the two.


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  3. Used to have one who was a rifleman. Gave it all up to be a plumber 8O .
    He used to manage OK even when in pupilage and always said it was a release.
  4. Yeah no problem I know a LCpl in one of the highest commitment TA regiments who is almost a QC, a girl in the same regiment who is doing very well as a young up and coming barrister, one of my company commanders who is an ex regular and now a criminal barrister, my 2IC is a solicitor, the TA Brigade Colonel is a Judge ......... and I am doing a law degree and have a fairly high commitment TA wise. Go for it!
  5. Anyone know a military barrister who could give me a small piece of advice on military (TA) law ??
  6. Put it on this site and I will ask a mate of mine.
  7. Can any numpty be a barrister then? Im a stab but ex reg, need to get a decent job(but not in iraq as security operative). Any help??? We all know British law is criminal anyway! Vigilantes the way ahead.

  8. Just pop round to the HAC bar on a drill night, there are bound to be a couple in there. I know that at least one of them has made it to WO2.
  9. Quote "pop round to the HAC bar on a drill night"
    I could not recommend anyone better, than someone from the HAC, They know law and rules inside out , of course only if it is to their advantage though. :evil:
  10. BuggerAll

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    Inns of Court Yeomanry - they are all whor... no err sorry... lawyers.