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Barrister Calls For Age Of Consent To Be 13

Think of the pulling potential.

1 x Car
1 x £10 top up card

Off to school to pick up the girlfriend.

And if you pick a good 'un, you won't have to keep nagging her about waxing her minge.
"She's only 11 officer? I thought she was 13!"

So wrong on so many levels
I agree with you, except the authorities seem to have abandoned the idea of any age of consent, when was the last time a pregnant teenager's partner taken to court for underage sex?

As with soft drugs the police have abandoned enforcing the law in certain areas of sexual and drug related law breaking. This is the same police who trot out the excuse that 'They have to investigate and detain people when a complaint is made' and an OAP is arrested for something blatantly trivial.


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BBC News - Age of consent should be 13, says barrister (c) Auntie

I'm surprised that the barrister involved is a woman, and some of the points that she raises seem valid. But she has had her ideas kicked into the long grass by the NSPCC who call her out of touch and misinformed.
I think it's a bit different to teenagers of the same age experimenting and an adult having sex with a 13yr old, totally different.
Young kids experimenting should have all available information and contraception available and less interference from risk of prosecution.
I bet this woman hasn't got a 13 yr old daughter.
Might have a shit of a 12 year old son though.
She states that Hall's crimes were ' misdemeanours' wasn't one of his victims 9?
When the offences were committed Hall would have been in his 30s-40s.
A shame that a presumably intelligent woman should spout such utter bolleaux.


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Legal or not, if any boys had tried it on my daughter when she was thirteen then the chances are he would never be able to reproduce after that!
Many good reasons why the AoC should be flexible mind, the whole thing was brought in to stop child prostitution in Victorian times. NOT to stop teenagers shagging about. The 16yr old thing is totally arbitary, my guess why she's saying 13 is maybe to meet in the middle at 14/15.
She call's Stuart Halls sexual offenses low-level misdemeanors. One of his victims was 9 years old.

She needs to have a good think about what she's calling for and just because she's a female, that doesn't make her fireproof.
I think the cases of teenage pregnancy would rise, I mean even more than it is already ... Go UK! No.1 teen prego capital of Europe, [tear in eye] So proud, so very proud.

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