Barrett M107

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by trowel, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. A friend of mine is a writer. In a book he is working on he has a character using a Barret M107 sniper rifle. I have checked the net but can`t get the information needed.
    In short, does the above have a two pressure trigger? Would appreciate your help.
  2. It's single stage
  3. Oh, and if he's going into detail about sniping make sure he doesn't put any pish like "gently squeezing the trigger" on the M107. It's a heavy pull.
  4. Thanks for the answer Al. I will pass it on to him.
  5. The bloke is not a green kid. Spent a bit of time poncing about in tanks in Germany in the 60`s early 70`s. Thanks
  6. There's an Arrser who has/had one if it's the Barratt model I'm thinking of. Will see if he raises his head! :)
  7. ah no, his was the bolt action model.
  8. The only Barratts I know about are the sherbet fountain ones. I bow to your superior knowlege.
  9. a barrett? honestly? he choose a fukin useless barrett hunk of innaccurate crap over all the other .50 cals you can get??????

    i think his book is crap allready.

    oo, btw, you can replace the trigger on a .50 barret for a better set of trips easy, there are several 2 stage after-market triggers out there.

    heres a real .50cal that is sexy as hell AND is the most accurate one out of the box.

    Rangemaster .50 Rifle | Rangemaster Precision Arms
  10. Thanks Doc, I will pass that on to John, his real name by the way. He was reluctant to ask the original question in case the internet police tracked him down as a suspected terrorist. So I did it for him. Appreciate the help.

  11. Ive got one of their cookers,dose a mean sunday roast, Rangemaster Cookers | Rangemaster Range Cookers | From the UK's Range Cooker Specialist
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  12. if hes trying for the uber-sniper type character, he should mention the bloke would have it custom tricked out and blueprinted to hell, worth a chapter for the gun fetish types......

    any technical Q's pm me.

    dont worry about googling gun stuff, your getting paranoid again.

    you do know theres fifty cal clubs in the UK???

    FCSA UK Home Page

    Offas Dyke Rifle Club

    i'm planning to join-up with some of these guys, but been a bit difficult lately with a lot of the .50 civvy shoots on the Mil ranges getting cancelled by MOD because they need the range time for the guys off on H16.