barret 50 cal sniper rifle

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BADAJOZ, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. I want a go!
  2. I want to see this puppy in action.

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  3. Here is it`s ammo next to a standard NATO 7.62,
    Wouldn`t like to be in front of that.

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  4. woow thats is amazing!!
  5. so what would it feel like to get hit by that?!!!
  6. Well it would kill wouldnt it litrally??? maybe haha
  7. It would make your eyes water
  8. In the 1990s the IRA acquired a number of highly accurate Barrett Light 50 sniping rifles and began using them against British soldiers in the border area of south Armagh. The last British solider to die in Northern Ireland prior to the current IRA ceasefire, Stephen Restorick, died after being shot with one of these weapons in 1997
  9. I put 5 rounds through one in Bos in 99. Mucho hardon kit. RE EOD carried them, not sure if they still have them.
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  11. I understand that a lot of the r+d was done in Mr Barrett's garage. Fair play nice rifle.

    I have read that the quality of the round used, can affect the performance of this rifle.
    I think the record distance shot, was done by a Canadian.
  12. EOD don't use them anyomore now on AW50 even better. The Barret round will probably kill you , if it passes close by. Interesting clip of the old Barret or at least Canadian version, in action on an e-mail I recieved recently, if it will upload and doesn't break any site rules I will post