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I'm arranging a weekend in London for my squadron later this year so people can visit the IWM, National Army Museum etc and am looking for accomodation for approximately 20 people for the Friday and Saturday night.

Obviously I could simply pick up the yellow pages for London and ring every TAC in the city but I'd rather not have to do that if I can help it. So does anyone know of a TAC or barracks in London that might be able to accomodate us or is there some central directory/booking facility that I could use ?

Go through London RFCA?

I looked into booking my TAC for a (non-mil, admittedly) purpose, and was directed towards them. The 1/2 Col in question was very helpful.


hi some years ago we stopped at 101 SQN RE in holloway they were very accommadating admittedly we were an RE unit so this might be the reason they helped us . A tour round chelsea pensioners hospital which is near to the national army museum is well worth a visit good luck


Also worth looking at the ACF accomodation plot, SE LONDIST have bunks at Blackheath that I have used before.


31(COL)Sig Regt are based in Southfields! Try them!
If it's an official trip, try the transit accommodation at RAF Uxbridge. Uxbridge is a +-50 mniute trip by Underground to central London.

Sadly, whatever we all know happens, it's a little problematic under H&S and Fire regs to have troops kipping on Drill Hall floors.

If in town don't forget HMS Belfast (to see how the other half live) & the Cabinet War Rooms/Churchill Museum. If staying at RAF Uxbridge you might (just might) get access to the "secret" WWII/Battle of Britain control post there. For the latter a quick chat to PSAO 47 (Middlesex Yeomanry) Signal Squadron might help...


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blueflossy said:
31(COL)Sig Regt are based in Southfields! Try them!
i was just going to mention them, one of theyre squadrons has a TAC in coulsdon near croydon too if thats any help


A few of us stayed in Regents Park barracks but not sure whos there now or how about Wellington barracks
Dont be poofs; two nights in Laaandon =- two nights solid on the lash.

Bravo_Bravo said:
Dont be poofs; two nights in Laaandon =- two nights solid on the lash.

Didn't say they needed to sleep at RAF Uxbridge, but it's somewhere handy, secure & free to stow their transport...
Try 151 London Transport Regiment RLC (V) theyve got TACs all over London. 20 SQN RLC are in Regents Park Bks, not a lot of space there though.


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RAF Uxbridge is not bad, pretty run down but the transit accommodation is okay if basic. If it's a vehicle holding pool and baggage stowage area then 47 (Mx) Sig Sqn might be an option, as CaptainPlume suggests a call to their PSAO would almost certainly yield results. They might even open their rather swanky bar to you!
How about the HAC?

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