Barracks sell-off

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. Minister challenges Government over sale of barracks to developers - Telegraph

    Strange that a Con should turn against his own government.

    He is acting for his community but on the other hand, with the barracks gone, the town will miss out on the revenue...

    Turning to the sale of barracks in general, how much did the MoD make from selling the central London barracks? Chelsea and the Duke of Yorks?
  2. Don't think MOD made any money from the sell-offs. Under the last Govt, the money all went straight into the Central Govt pot, and was not kept ring-fenced for funding the MOD or any military projects.
  3. Absolute madness to close Waterbeach, especially with the draw down in Germany, one the places I had expected to see a BFG unit re-deployed to.
  4. He isnt opposed to the closure, he's opposed to houses that will be built in its place.
  5. As previously stated the sale of Chelsea Bks was supposed to go into upgrading SFA however the funds never transpired and went into the Government pot...........
  6. Expenses don't pay themselves you know...

    13,000 homes is a lot. And given we are in a move back from Germany scenario, isn't it fcuking daft to be selling land we are unlikely to be able to replace (affordably)?
  7. Of course it's daft, but since when has it being daft been a reason to rethink a govt plan of action...