Barracks near Stansted?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wg100, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. Am heading out on an exercise in a little while, flying out at early o'clock from Stansted.
    I was wondering whether there was a Barracks nearby where I could get a transit room for the night, as it's a bit of a drive from my home location and would rather not be spending a large part of the night before the flight, driving to the airport...

    Cheers all.
  2. Just go into the terminal like the rest of us and doss on the floor next to the desk. Boring as hell, but you won’t be the only one in there. The airport staff isn’t really interested if you are sat around everything is open, like the bars and shops. There is a Hotel at the services near the airport (Bishop Stortford) charges approx £39. Not worth the money as you won’t be at the hotel at the time breakfast is served!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ATR Bassingborn about 45 mins.

    39 RE Waterbeach 40 mins.

    33 RE Wimbish 25 mins.

    (All timings are approximate from about 6/7 years ago and not allowing for M11 traffic).
  4. Sleep in your car?
    This will give you the chance to test your gear before leaving!
  5. Cheers for the suggestions everyone.
  6. Wimbish is closest but I don't think your hard or cool enough to stay there, even in transit.