Barracks near Bristol

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Zapped, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. Does anybody know where I can find this info please? Google has not been my friend with this one.
  2. There is a Signals place in Bath, or they used to be.

    RAF Lyneham is just down the road (20 ish miles away).

    hope this is of use.
  3. 1 Rifles accross the bridge at Chepstow why do u want to know?
  4. On a course at the college and need a mess to stay in. Boss has said no hotel for me!! Was thinking I could find a park somewhere in city centre and basha up for a couple of weeks, but apparently that's frowned upon by the council.
  5. 39 sigs TAC not far from Filton, maybe worth giving them a bell, or someone at Abbeywood may help you out.
  6. JSU Corsham, about 45 mins from Bristol is the sigs place mentioned above, however, you'll be lucky to get in, always worth a try. Out of interest, personal development course or work related? If it's for work, then frankly your Boss is being a bit of a tosser if there isn't any accommodation and he won't stump up for any. Just tell him you're not going then. (Or am I being a bit RAF'y over it?)
  7. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    If 39 Sigs can't help there's also 4MI in Keynsham and a TA Gunners unit around central Bristol. If you find something, post on here. I'll try and remember to check in the morning so I can run it by the green blokes in my office and see what they recommend.
  8. RMR Bristol in Clifton village. Nice area and toppers with totty!
  9. 21 Sig Regt (AS), Azimghur Barracks, North Colerne. About 20 mins from Bristol.
  10. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    First mess I ever stayed in! Nightmare to get to, though. Bloody country lanes.
  11. There are no messes within the stated commuting time/distance. Tell him you have to have the Marriot FFS!!.... :evil:


    Quis Separabit
    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  12. If its the course I think it is (2 x two week crammers). I stayed in the mess at Yeovilton, a 35 min commute.

  13. Lucky you! try running up and down them as a Jnr Trog!
  14. 9 Supply Regt just outside Chippenham ( J17 M4 ) Barracks used to be called Hullavington when I was there 7 years ago but been told that the name has changed a few years ago so not sure what it is known by now