Barracks in Bedford

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jcm649, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. Wasnt sure whether to try here or the "Old Farts" group, but thought in the end that I would get a much more measured, intelligent response here.
    I am documenting my old mans service history, and have had a bit of a blank moment when trying to remember the name of the barracks he was in in Bedford in the late 60's. He was in the RCT and I recall that the unit was CVHQ, or similar, can anyone shed a glimmer of light please.
    The only barracks I can find on tinternet seems to be Kempston which appears to have closed in the 50's.
  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I grew up in and around Bedford, and went to school there - only barracks I remember was in Kempston, but that was an active TA unit, think signals but not sure.
  3. I was up at The Keep in Kempston last November, for the Beds & Herts Regt annual Remembrance parade. The Keep is now the HQ of the left-handed brickies although the bars are still festooned with Regimental paraphernalia. We went for Tea and a wad afterwards with the ORs at the TA centre next door. RLC(RCT) det I believe - they certainly had lots of DROPS in the car park.

    Edited for post-alcoholic hindsight: I think there was a REME LAD there too.
  4. Only know of Kempston. There is an old empty barracks near Shortstown. Cardington it's called, but I think it was RAF.
  5. I think these might be a bit of a giveaway:

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  6. Well...there is did I miss them :D
  7. Are those the Cardington airship sheds?
  8. Yup, they are. They've used them for quite a lot of filming in recent years.
  9. Which school? I grew up in Bedford.
  10. Did'nt realise until I Googled it but No 2 shed is a recycled jobby from what was Pulham Aerodrome in Norfolk: it was that shed which housed the R100.

    Every day a school day.......................
  11. So did I, for my sins!
  12. Which school? I grew up near Bedford?
  13. Bedford School. You?
  14. Ah right, Redborne myself.