Barracks handed back

Just been over to help out on Ex Magnum Spirit and called into Mulheim and Duisberg to see the barracks. The old site of 3 Div Tpt Regt has been levelled and building has only recently started. The wall by the Guardroom is still there but nothing else. 38 Sqn's old home is still there but all buildings have been converted into flats with balconies added to them. The square is currently a dumping ground for earth and bricks but at either side there are new homes. My old Workshop is now a des res and the troop hangers have gone and being replaced by new dwellings. The streets are named William Shakespere Ring, Oxforder Str, a shame no-one thought to name one Wrexham Str after the barracks. Just hope that the present encumbants have as much fun as I did in the 6 years I was there!
In Moenchengladbach Ayreshire Barracks North Park is now a football stadium and the condemed blocks we lived in are now designer flats. Fyfe Barracks has been leveled and all that remains is the main gate, no great loss there though.
"I remember when they where all barracks when I was a lad"
Times a change. Duisberg/Dusseldorf/Mulhiem/Willich/Bracht ammo dump to name but a few all been flattened and new buildings have appeared or revamped. The buildings in Ayrshire barracks in Monchengladbach were listed buildings so they could not pull them down. Bracht ammo dump is now a conservation area which you are now free to cycle or walk around. The camp is still there, which is a camping platz. The Naafi/Church/Gym etc is still standing.
Old Raf Laarbruch is a odd one, Every building including the Quarters are still there, even the Main Entrance and the old NAAFI building is there. Now called Dusseldorf/Weeze Airport which Ryan Air operate from. This service will be ceasing this year apparently.
Old RAF Bruggen now Elmpt station with the Two Regiments of Signals and a Signal troop. Looking at their threads on the sigs sight, this looks to be closing in the future.
And finally RAF Wildenrath, They fenced of the quarters and still use them via the old peter shultz gate. Most of the main camp buildings have gone. The main guard room is still there. It is now a test site for high speed trains.

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