Barracks handed back

Just been over to help out on Ex Magnum Spirit and called into Mulheim and Duisberg to see the barracks. The old site of 3 Div Tpt Regt has been levelled and building has only recently started. The wall by the Guardroom is still there but nothing else. 38 Sqn's old home is still there but all buildings have been converted into flats with balconies added to them. The square is currently a dumping ground for earth and bricks but at either side there are new homes. My old Workshop is now a des res and the troop hangers have gone and being replaced by new dwellings. The streets are named William Shakespere Ring, Oxforder Str, a shame no-one thought to name one Wrexham Str after the barracks. Just hope that the present encumbants have as much fun as I did in the 6 years I was there!
Tragedy - 2 very happy and debauched years in Glamorgan Barracks 82' - '84 ....................:(
My first unit was 38 Sqn RCT way back in 93 when I was a Cfn. I lived in the first block on the left opposite the G\room. The workshop was old but massive, we used to jib unsuspecting Cfn with the gantry crane. And I still remember brake testing the old Foden 16T GS wagons on the cobbled roads, could get up to 6th gear if the range-change wasn't knackered.
When the camp was handed back in late 94 the Germans founded thousands of rotten potatoes in the cellar under the cookhouse. Must have been our love of chips, it was reported in the local Mulheimer newspaper. I still pass the old camp every now and then as my relatives live in Speldorf, near the old Brit married flats on the other side of town.
Whe 12 Regt RA handed Napier Barracks in Dortmund back to the Ethel Mermans in 95, the stadt expressed a few concerns about the state of some of the buildings. When the CO stated that before they left, they might just have a wee bit of an exercise in the N/E quarter of the camp (which, incidentally happened to be a 9 hole golf course) the state of the blocks in question suddenly wasn't a problem anymore. Strange that?

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