Barracks getting better? RM think so

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by slick, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. No, but it's definitely the future, especially as PFI and other barrack improvement projects kick in. These new barracks have been built to scale and guarantee only unit, but not sub-unit, integrity and there is absolutely no headroom to accommodate any augmentation due to ops, or indeed anything else.

    Surplus SFA are being disposed of so misappropriation is no longer an option (not that it ever should have been), leaving mass booking of hotels/travelodges as the only viable alternative.
  2. I bet a travelodge design would be cheaper than a design planned and put out to tender by the MOD.
  3. Too small and built to poor standards, doors would be off as would most fittings. Mind you this must be costing over £55 per room per night which is £15400 a week if its 2 per room. Thats over £800K a year, it must be cheaper to build.
  4. Really? They survive hen and stag nights, affairs and sh*ggin of fat birds (allegedly) ;-).

    I wonder if the booties will proove me wrong?
  5. Well I think its disgusting ! Not even enough room to swing a rollmatt !
  6. A straw poll of the two seniors in my office (me and one other) said that were we to move into SNCO Z type accomodation that looked like most Travel Lodge rooms we have stayed in, we would be very pleased indeed.

    Big Enough, En Suite, and better than any accomodation either of us have had in our 20 and 21 1/2 year careers respectively.

    A sad indictment of accomodation the world over. Between us we have stayed in most garrisons around the world.
  7. Possibly because Travellodge cant afford to wait 10 years to design a motel?
  8. £800k

    Cheaper to build?

    What planet are you on. Some 4 bedroom apartments in London cost that much!
  9. Current build costs are in the region of £600/sqM, the rest of the price is the plot of ground. Two of my clients build and operate this style of "hotel" and I can assure you they are built to take a good deal of punishment and have very low running costs.

    Building a 80 bedroom lodge style hotel costs in the region of £2M. N.B. they are not designed to cope with all the occupants eating at the same time.

    Assuming that they get a bit of discount and allowing for a final repair bill that runs at about £1M/year. Even the doziest of accountants would be inclined to suggest buying the thing outright or building one on an existing base. They take less than six months to build so surely that is within the limited forward planning of the current head shed.
  10. Trust me I work in a related industry and deal with finance, and have worked with Travel lodge on their projects, they will be laughing all the way to the bank. Remember if it were 1 per room then its a £1.6 Million bill. Though as stated above we are paying over £600K for 6 months use. As for an £800K apartment in London, working on a £3 million 3 bed one at the mo!
  11. I beleive I am right in saying that, a brand new accom block was put up at HMS Nelson, which was a reworking of plans for a Travelodge, basically the whole design was already there and was used, they just had to re-jig it so that it was matelot freindly (i.e. drying rooms etc)
  12. The accom at Shrivenham are like travel lodges, they even have lifts!. The rooms are much bigger than the JSP scales and each of the rooms have an ensuite wet room. They really are dogs nadgers, best i've seen............ (the rooms...not nadgers!)