Barracks For MPs

Can anyone suggest any barracks in London that would make a suitable place for MPs to use as their second homes rather than blowing thousands on plush flats? All suggestions appreciated - am researching this for a newspaper article.....any supporting evidence/pix appreciated...
Or more likely your looking for a cheap story about squaddie's accommodation standards. Either put the lying treacherous scum on a floating prison moored in the Thames or bugger off and do some research yourself it's what you get paid for plenty of MoD sites been sold off in/around London of late
That's what Dolphin Square used to be! A lot of MOD civil servants still get quartered there too. There was a side scandal when it was bought from the council by a private investor who then offered lump sums to tennants to either move out or move onto a higher rent. Many of the resident MPs at the time took the money and moved, or paid the higher rent and then claimed it back from the taxpayer! Vermin.

On the bright side, there were a number of backbenchers who refused said 30 pieces of silver and elected to keep the cheap rent in perpetuity for themselves and anyone who came after them.
what about a 12x12 on hampstead heath?
Rather than put them in a barracks, perhaps they could spend a week living on the streets of London with all the homeless ex servicemen abandoned by the system?
Pantsoff said:
what about a 12x12 on hampstead heath?
Ah, I remember an MP being arrested but the Copper at the Press Conference wouldn't say what the charge was. "All I can tell you", he said "was that the arrest took place in an area known locally as Gobblers' Gulch".

Much guffawing, even from the hardened hacks present.

Why don't they just stay at County Hall ?.
Wherever you put them, there is sure to be opposition from the local NIMBYs who will claim, rightly, that proximity to such scum lowers property values.
OldRedCap said:
Wherever you put them, there is sure to be opposition from the local NIMBYs who will claim, rightly, that proximity to such scum lowers property values.
Fair one, you wouldn't want their sort living round you, would you?
Actually it isn't just barracks...potential MPs should have to undergo a)selection and once elected b)continuation training. No exceptions.
How about the crap Service Families Accommodation (SFA) just around the corner from Westminster and just off Victoria Street. Pretty crap, small flats, used to be a Womans Prison at one stage. They could walk to work in 10 minutes.
Has nobody thought of housing them in council houses?

They are owned by the government

They are cheap

They say their good enough for us after all, so why not them?

There are plenty in London

They will get valuble experience on the streets and maybe undeerstand where the country is going wrong

..there is many more reasons.....
What about HMS Belfast, plenty of room on the mess decks for backbenchers, all the neccesary kitchens and ablutions etc. Ministers can use the PO's mess, and the Cabinet gets the Wardroom ( complete with Webley hopefully).

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