Barracks dress returns!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MadPickleFarmer, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. We had a briefing at work that soon the dreaded Barracks Dress will be back in force.
    Anyone else heard this?
  2. Please say its not true, will they cut them boot fit?
  3. Honestly, the shoes will return! Not sure if its Barracks dress trousers
    or something similar to Lt weights.
  4. We have heard the same at our unit, it was briefed as "CAMP dress". It will take the form of "Crab" shoe's, lightweight trousers and shirts/jersey heavy wool (new design coming soon) can't f**king wait!
  5. I wish they brought back denims and jumpers they look smarter. Barrack dress is awesome I would be able to wear shoes to work whilst walking my dog holding my wifes hand cool.
  6. It's kind of in at my place, WO's and officers wear it on a Monday. No 2 trousers, brown shoes, officers shirt and wierd hat. very dapper.
  7. Bugger. I hate ironing!
  8. Those crappy Pork Pie hats will be back in next! You know, the ones which sit at a w*anky angle!
  9. It's all to do with CS95 and the psycology. There has been a study of some description carried out and when we get used to wearing CS95 constantly we don't feel very war-ry when we roll out the gate on ops.

    Funny thing is my working CS95 is green and its usually a sandy colour when we roll out the gate same as everyone else!
  10. I think there is a cost issue too as CBT 95 is expensive - not plastic!!
  11. Is that a joke? 8O
  12. :lol: Know where your coming from!
  13. We have to currently wear lightweights shoes and number 2s shirts for duty and it looks pump. But on a friday those not on shift and office workers have to wear no 2s trousers shoes and no2 shirt. It is known as fancy dress friday at is not popular with anyone!
  14. Fooking hell. That is websters!
    has that come down from Regt or Cap badge?
  15. Well its RMP and we got told, they wear it at RHQ so we will wear it in the company location as well.

    But its the lightweights that are truely gay, with no twisters and shoes. Great for working pay weekend nights in or just generally looking like a mickey mouse policing agency