Barracks by A1(M)

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by unemployable, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. What are the barracks that are on the right hand side as you travel North on the A1.
    Either just before or after the sign for Catterick?
    Seems large area with hangers & plenty of open space?
    And lots of Army vehicles!

    (Not sure if this was the right forum/section to put it in or not?)
  2. Shhhh. It's a secret!
  3. Sorry, did I say secret? I meant toilet.
  4. Marne Barracks
  5. Just used Wiki and came up with the following:
    5th Regiment, Royal Artillery 'The North, East & West Yorkshire Gunners' - 5 Regt RA - Marne Barracks, Catterick.
  6. Are you a terrorist?
  7. Not that i know of.
    Born in London, Cof E and no connections with strange organizations.
    Just a future MoD Civilian interested, that's all.
    And before i throw my teddy out the pram, hope this answers your reply!! :roll:
  8. formerly RAF Catterick, which housed the RAF fire Service training school,and the "Rockape" training wing as well, i now find it hard to belive that i ran round that airfield most mornings as a 18 year old,with the odd run to the racecourse as a treat for a change now and then.
    Its a shame as the new fire school is in that part of the balkans called kent.
  9. So you openly admit your a Jewish extremist with views to over throw the UK Government?

    Arrse has no place for the likes of you.
  10. HA! Just the answers a terrorist would give 8O
  11. The 1 Mexicans sorry I mean the 1 Mercians are also in Marne.
  12. Went passed their the other day and was suprised to see three AH Mk 1 Apache's (our versions of the Septics AH-64D Longbow) parked up on the runway apron. Never knew the AAC were stationed there or we could actually afford to fly three of the buggers anywhere!
  13. They are ready to put down any middleclass rebelion this summer!!
  14. We can't. That's why they're parked. But giving the appearance that they're just waiting....
  15. I can see this is going to be long & drawn out and the humor level may drop! 8O