Barrack sale proceeds must go on repairs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Today's Daily Telegraph.

    Full story at LINK

    (not heard the last of this story)
  2. Some hope. No hope . Bob Hope.

    I see Jackson is involved. A year or so too late.
  3. Well it was the caveat for council home sales, so I can't see why it shouldn't be applied to military homes too. No doubt the Government will spin and wriggle out of it, per normal, but keep on the pressure!
  4. Unsurprisingly the article I linked to also has a quote from Bob Stewart, and why not. I only omitted it because of the tendency of some posters to have a go at the guy.

    (Two radio interviews today on a different subject, two print journalists briefed on 2 other subjects. More importantly I spent time supporting a BAFF member in a jam. Other BAFF members have been working away on other issues. Our best campaign so far in my opinion was led by a CSgt, another vital current campaign is led by a retd WO2.)
  5. Rollstone training camp SPTA was use at one point as a temp open prison early 90s ? and Xm£ was spent at the time to bring it up to sub prison standards before it was used . so will the money be spent on accommadition to bring it up to that standard ?
  6. Doesn't that say so much? The backbone of the British Army, its experienced senior NCOs, leading and coordinating the fight. Well done those men!

    It's good that some senior officers have also spoken out, but far, far too few... True, Bob Stewart gets a fair amount of verbal from some here (probably myself included) but if he gets the message out there then he's at least doing something useful.
  7. Well the last time they had one of these giveaway sales i did not go on updating military accommodation, the government walked off with the lot
  8. So just how much as the treasury made from the sale of MOD land, camps and houses in the last 20 years? I would hazard a guess that if the money made from sales had been ploughed back into forces accommodation we would not have the appalling problems we have now.

    At the rate of investment planned for the next decade many presently serving personnel will see little change during their service career. What is needed is vision and money and I see very little of either from the ruling political class.
  9. Very little vision shown in the sale of Cultybraggan for a start. They raised a pathetic £350k. ( The price of a single decent sized house locally.) Well done Defence Estates, so well known for driving a hard bargain on behalf of the tax-payer.

    We need to be very careful. The head-shed in DE are convinced that we have too much training area and are pushing to reduce it - hence the current review by DTE. This is the third time the question "How much training area is needed" has been asked and the third time that the Army has been told to "reshow" because the answer was bigger than DE wants to hear.

  10. Ha Ha..... unlikly with this lot, thats already been earmarked for some labour vote appeasment.....

    One thing that can be guaranteed though is the bill from DE to the Army for clearing the place and making it secure etc.
  11. No it wasn't Dozy. In fact the government of the day FARBADE councils to spend money on council houses whilst they had loans outstanding. Not loans they couldn't service but any loans.

  12. This whole thing absolutely breaks my heart. All these assets being stripped away at backroom deal prices and the MOD will never be able to afford to buy them back. And we're still building new accomodation in Germany because there's no room to put troops back in UK?!?!?

    And don't get me started on PFIs and hospitals, off the balance sheet accounting....

    Can't bear to read Private Eye anymore as it's too bloody depressing.
  13. Apologies - an about-face remembered 'fact'! :slow:
  14. Daily Telegraph
  15. HM Treasury will simply reduce MoDs budget for next year by the amount they were expecting to get from land receipts.

    HMT is convinced there is a treasure chest of publicly owned land waiting to be opened (with some justification, although much has already been sold), and the MoD is seen as one of the greatest opportunities (what with HMT not understanding defence). Unfortunately, a number of the land deals the MoD appears to get involved in are atrociously bad value.