Barrack Dress

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jayne_Doe, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. I heard a rumour that TA will no longer be wearing Combat 95 on drill nights and instead we will be issued a Barrack Dress Uniform which sounds like it is gonna be something like the old Denims and Jumper!!! I heard that the uniforms have been bought and will be on our backs by the end of 2007. Can anyone confirm this bit of gossip, or is it just Rumour Control in overdrive again?????
  2. well i can confirm that barrack dress is NOT denims, lol.. thats drill kit.. barrack dress trousers/skirts are simular to your 2's but a slightly darker green.. along with.. khaki shirt (the "brown" one) (or white sometimes).. women wear "2's shoes" Men wear "1's shoes" and jumpers in winter dress.. i think thats it.. but trust me, no denims.. well not here anyway!!
  3. Females barrack dress consists of

    skirt womens (huge batty for the enclosing of)
    Jumper (lumpy)
    Beret (helicopter landing pad with unfeasibly stupid bun sticking out of back)
    Tights (American tan 5000000 denier chobham armour)
    and Shoes (lesbian)

    Hope this helps.
  4. Yeah OK smart arrse I know what Barrack Dress is I was trying to explain what I heard the new uniforms were like, and the messenger was calling it Barrack Dress. SFU
  5. Thats the old form of barrack dress the new stuff is denims without the map pocket, thats what it is for regulars anyway.
  6. So you agree that birds look like a sack of sh1t tied up in string wearing it then?

  7. drill kit was denims without map pocket..
    must just be monkies who are keeping the skirts shirts and jumps then?

  8. SFU too you STAB munter.

    Whatever uniform you get you'll look like a fat drag act so I wouldnt worry.
  9. the only thing missing from this thread is mud
  10. what has a 70's glam rock band who's hits included "under the moon of love" from the black country got to do with birds looking like an explosion in a clothing store...but fatter?
  11. don't get your showaddy waddy's and your tigr feet mud groups mixed up now I was referring to the last time I saw ladies slinging it like this mud was involved. along long time ago I might add
  12. OK Forget it then I was just asking, Did not expect a pile of abuse
    from rude people. I will ask the barmaid in the local she will probably have more idea anyway!

  13. Wow , from zero to hero and back again in one thread.

    Personally I prefer the "skirt shapeless" it means I can have a slash easier
  14. Thank heavens for the urban dictionary I was too embarassed to ask.
    Google gave me this
    Munters - The Humidity Expert
    Humidity control equipment and consultancy, property damage restoration services, waste water treatment media, water mist eliminators, and condensation ...
    which was a little more confusing