Barrack Dress

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wellyhead, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Hello, I'm an old fart that wore those lovely bottle green plastic fire hazards known as barrack dress, but I have a question

    Are they still being used ? And if not what is the replacement ? I have seen people cutting about with what I took to be No2 trousers with JHW on top, however I saw some pics recently with some fellows at depot sporting the same sort of trousers in SSO and wearing stable belts, but here's the thing, my No2 trousers don't have belt hoops, these jobbers did

    Can anyone shed light on this ?


    PS Yes I'm bored and have no life
  2. I think they wear a version of 'lightweights' but without twisters, with the Regimental/Corps stable belt. They did at least when I left 18 months ago.
  3. Dead on.
  4. whats the gen on civvys putting mess kit on?

    i have been asked to put a pair of blues trousers on at a ball we have for the cheshires... i dont feel right about it,, the lad who told me i could works at chester castle ...
  5. I think they are also minus the map pocket as well
  6. :?

    Blue trousers is not mess dress.

    I would imagine that civvies are no longer allowed to wear mess dress. And if they did, certainly not rank embellishments, that you would no longer hold.
  7. by the way this is not a WAH

    i was thinking if ANYONE could give me the ok it would be this site...

    so any info on the trousers would be thankfull,,,besides it would save me a bob or two as well..there not cheap,,as i only have them on once a year,,thanks
  8. Mess Dress is purchased by other ranks (therefore you could argue that anyone can wear it once they leave the army). Best bet is to wear a dinner suit (white shirt/bow tie), assuming that it is some kind of formal function, these can be worn with medals if the event demands it. Subject to all that, find out what everyone else is might be fancy dress and then you would look a kno.......... :)
  9. i carry the standard for the cheshires....
    i think thats what they have in mind,,,
    i norm have same clobber on as i do for the legion..
    however someone came up with the idea with me at the meenee ball, and me getting blues pants... with black w/coat bow tie..
    as you say i dont want to look a prat...
    too good looking for that :twisted:
  10. OK if I could back to the original thread and not a strange one about civvies in blues trousers

    The guys I saw wearing JHW I don't think it was a new type of lightweight as it looked like No2 material (bit like a brown version of the barrack dress) and not the denim material I am so used to.

    Admittedly the photo I saw was a bit grainy so maybe the guy in SSO was wearing some new fangled dress trouser, I shall see if I can find it

    Second question then, is the old barrack trouser still being worn in regiments / battalions ?
  11. OK this isn't the orginal photo, but similar


    On the same page

    It states

    Drill Order (Summer)

    Forage cap, No 2 dress shirt open at the collar and sleeves rolled up above the elbow.
    No 2 dress trousers, buff belt (LG) white plastic belt (RHG/D). Ammunition boots.

    If so then how come the loops ?
  12. Sorry, we're trying to have a discussion about the rules for the Army and we're using the Household Division as a reference?

    More seriously, would the trousers be from the new "All of One Army - Suits Nobody" No2s?
  13. if your on about the blues,, there ones from the 1970s as most wore them, thoses days.. meny of the gents are in there late 70s to 90 years old.. the ball is going to be a big one, each assocition paying for it every year...

    i was in the TAVR cheshires ,,however not now,,, thats why i said a civvy.. hope that clears it..
  14. Welly,

    You stick them in the tailors who stick the loops on made out of old handed back in No2 dress. However their is a new service dress/barrack dress being reviewed.
  15. Correct, I think.