Barrack dress or CBT 95 + multi coloured stable belts???

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by topcat, Apr 30, 2004.

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  1. Why did they ever decide that we needed to camouflage ourselves from the red brick and grey granite buildings on camp? I mean our lovely green/brown and black Combat 95 realy does work in this environment doesnt it? and to top it off we get to wear lovely multi coloured stable belts to help break up the pattern.

    Whatever happened to the Smart Barrack dress or even lightweight trousers and green shirt instead of wearing combat 95 (when you can actualy get it from the stores....always a waiting list from the depot).

    I recetly visited HQ Land and there where so many different dress codes on the unit in one day i lost count, the junior soldiers where as ordered in Combat 95 but the officers were in such a variety of uniforms and mixed dress it would have given anyself respectin RSM a Heart it appears ! rule for the grunts and no rules for the officers ....well that makes a change dont it......?
  2. Have you never heard that if two officers appear at breakfast dressed the same, the junior has to go and change...
  3. Quite a while since I was at Wilton, but previous GSMs had been selected for their patience, pragmatism and a particularly wry sense of humour. With so many huge fish, from tiny ponds, all now crammed into one smallish aquarium, what they all get up to is perhaps closer to the top of the agenda than what they wear.

    Anyway, C95 in PJHQ and Wilton always smacks a bit of flying suits in the ARRC to me. ( perhaps there should be a magnolia DPM so you can hide in the office??)

    ( PS: is the RQMS still the mainstay of the mess gardens committee??)
  4. Smart barrack dress - - as in the shiny nylon? You have either got to be:

    a) Joking.


    b) Visually impaired (in which case I apologise in advance).
  5. whatever happened to those jumpers modelled on the RAF's that were introduced a few years back.....think i saw them around for a few months....
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    RAMC by any chance?
  7. pah, you know nothing of uniforms unless you either took part in the Grimley Dark unit photo or have a copy of the GD unit photo.
    I have never seen so many variations of uniform in one place. :roll:
  8. "Have you never heard that if two officers appear at breakfast dressed the same, the junior has to go and change..."

    Or any two members of the Int Corps, commissioned or not. We may not have many traditions but that's one we cherish.

    Seriously though, working in an office in a purple unit can get farcical. While the Navy and RAF turn up in dress suitable for the environment we wear CS 95 and boots. I'm sure a green equivalent of their uniforms would be cheaper, smarter (well, we'd iron ours) and more practical.
  9. c) A sexual deviant

    TC is a pervert - TC is a pervert !!!
  10. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Agreed, trousers green, pastic, inflammable are disgusting to wear in summer. We should go back to the old Working Dress of denims and green shirt - smart, practical and reasonably adaptable to temperature. There was a well argued article to that effect in the British Army Review a couple of years back, but obviously no one took any notice.

    There was once a phase of wearing a form of denim trouser as barrack dress trousers with SD shirt which was quite smart too, (and much cooler than SD trousers for staff types) but short lived as Pyjama 95 took hold in HQ's.

    "Stores is for Storing and Combats is for Combat!" :D

    If we didn't wear out Pyjama 95 in barracks ironing lovely IR radiant creases into them, we might have some decent kit left to go into the field with. :evil:
  11. you iron combats?
    mine are so baggy you'd never notice if i did so i don't :lol:
    not good for them anyway
  12. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    No, not good for them at all - it destroys some of their properties, and I can get away with not doing it, but various levels of scary monster insist that the boys (and even the subbies via the Adjt!) do it. Result: It makes them look a little better, but destroys any IR reduction and waterproofing and makes them apt to split neatly along the crease! Well ironed 95 jackets look like a glowing web of white lines under IR as their ripstop lines stand out beautifully once ironed.

    If we want to look smart but able to do day-to-day stuff, we should wear denims.

    My understanding is that the 95 concept was to be battlefield disposable, wear them until too smelly, throw 'em into a corner of a field and put on the nice new DROPS load that has just been delivered; but that, of course was predicated on us actually having the right amount of money to go to war! They were never designed for barrack use and their distinct lack of 'cut' makes them difficult to look smart without destroying them for their intended purpose. :evil:
  13. Bring bak denims and OG shirts. A good excuse too wear stable belts.(unless u r in the RLC)

    Combat 95 in barracks looks daft when worn with stable belt(especially the RLCs)
  14. :cry: :cry: :cry:
    You poor dears!!! After years of wearing Trousers, shiny and riddiculous, the barrack room commandos wanted to dress like sodjers.

    Now they want their office clothes back!!!

    It took me a while to realise what the problem was - you poor underpriveledged things in the English Army don't have barrack dress like our fine regimental jerseys and kilts or trews worn by God's Chosen Men.
  15. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    I don't remember in what sad journal I read it, but I do distinctly remember that there was an article by, as I recall, a Defence Clothing and Textile Agency (DCTA) IPT, stating that the myth that CS95 couldn't be ironed was just that - a myth. It went on to state that the IR pattern in the material fades at the same rate as the visible colouring - so only once the visible begins to fade does it matter.

    I personally believe that for office jobs CS95 only needs to be ironed once a week, but it does need to be; if it's worn straight out of the drying machine it looks abysmal.

    The was a sort of 'internal white paper' on reforming the dress system that made its way in to the Officers' First Sight file last Autumn as I recall, that suggested revamping the entire system - including binning service and mess dress in their current form. Has anyone heard anything about it?