Barrack Dress (No 13) Headress question

Discussion in 'REME' started by headgear, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. Guys,

    Having checked Corps Regs it is not clear what headress soldiers are suppopsed to wear with No 13 dress and I'd appreciate some clear direction. Orificers can wear service hat, sidehat and beret (at unit discretion) whilst WO1 s can wear berets but other than those titbits it is not clear what everyone else is supposed to wear.

    Can I please ask how your unit has interpreted the regs.

  2. 2s hat or whatever its called

  3. We always wore beret. I thought Barrack Dress had bitten the dust now though, along with working dress, and everyone was either in Ginger Marching Suit or Combats
  4. I think it will make more of an appearance as times go on mainly for WOs and Officers as we move away from wearing MTP in barracks.
  5. Plastic trousers and uncomfortable Bata shoes with tractor tread soles making a comeback.

    Mmm, nice
  6. We wear it at work every day and I have to say it is relatively comfortable in an office environment however wearing a twat hat is not really suitable for anything other than drill in regimental lines e.g going away on meetings and travelling in hire cars or trains where carrying in and wearing it can become problematic.

    In the old days I remember that we wore barrack dress with berets unless it was a proper drill parade or rehearsal - thats why rather than being told twat hat end of! I would like corps regs to spell out the possibilities in the same manner as they have with the officers section but in the absense of that I was trying to get a feel for what the unit interpretation of the current Regs is.
  7. Yeah, twat hat is impractical for daily use - too easy to squash, a bugger to clean, you look like a bellend, and a **** to drive whilst wearing. A beret you can just stuff in your pocket and wipe down with a boot brush
  8. What about a Sidehat? Still allowed according to Army Dress Regulations , Authorised for REME (certain ranks only).

    Yes, you might look like an ice cream salesman, but it is practical, smarter than a beret and not as cumbersome as the 'Bus Conductor' Forage Cap.

    Go on..... Start a trend!

  9. I have one in my attic if anyone wants to make me an offer?

    Cheers, Nobby
  10. Is that the Thunderbirds one? Didn't know they were still being worn.
  11. Thunderbirds are go! Couple of Officers after the scarlet backed cloth capbadge, to go with hat, from the Corps Shop the other day apparently.
  12. I'm old enough to remember a lot of civvies (not just coppers/prison screws/customs officers) who wore some kind of twat cap: bus drivers, conductors and inspectors, railway and London Underground staff, traffic wardens, security guards, gas and electricity board meter inspectors, posties etc.
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  13. I remember that as well - doing my paper round at O my God its early and watching all the postmen cycling out of the back of the post office on proper bikes wearing a grey uniform of trousers, tunic with shiny buttons, shirt and tie capped off with a flat cap with a cap badge. I think in the winter they even wore a greatcoat.
    Compare that to the scruff erb who delievers my post now (at 4 in the afternoon) shorts, trainers, football shirt and a dirty flurescent vest. Headphones in, chucking elastic bands all down my driveway. I suppose he'll start knocking on the door now as it gets near Christmas trying to get a tip.
  14. Ha ha, your user name matches your query.

    Wouldn't they look silly in so many hats?
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