Barrack dress is back

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by greenbaggyskin, Jun 30, 2003.

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  1. For the last few weeks we have been hearing nasty rumours that the older generation want barrack dress back.

    The worst has happened.  Today saw a paper from QMG and DCTA that there is an intention, within a few years, to have only 3 forms of dress for everyone.  By everyone I mean, ruperts, guards, toms, paras... the lot.

    They are to be

    Parade uniform.  Number 2s all round, no service dress for officers or WO1s and very few deviations allowed.

    Barrack dress.  Same pattern for everyone, even if you are a skirt wearing scottish hairdresser.  This for use in offices and HQs, and probably on courses etc..

    Combat 95, or FIST accredited gear for ex and ops.

    There is a survey going around units in UK mainly in the 3 Div and the 4 Div areas.

    Coming to QM near you soon.
  2. Can I just stick to my coveralls?
  3. Ah - barrack dress - should be banned as a Health and Safety risk , as the plastic trousers have been known to sponanteously combust.

    What about ceremonial dress ?  Can't imagine HM will be too impressed with her Guards dressed in ill-fitting potato sacks.

    Can those who had to buy kit over and above the uniform allowance get a rebate, as we will not be allowed to wear what we had to buy ?

    I honestly can't see this one flying but it is probably worth a 'discussion' with the results being quietly filed away in a year or two...................
  5. Everyone on CS95 is bad enough, but if everyone also has the same barrack dress, how will we Dark Blue know what types of brown jobs you are?
  6. From what Sitting Stress was telling me there is only one armed service at Royal Army Force Chicksands.

    Why should you need to differentiate? RAF Regt do most of the jobs the whole of the army do anyway.

    We have also found tremendous savings and efficiencies from collocating many Officer's and Sgts messes. Even the Army CO of JSSU AN has seen the logic in this.

    Standard uniform sounds like an excellent opportunity to rationalise further, accross all three services. It would certainly save wear and tare on all those flying suits worn in static HQs
  7. True, saving our money to donate at a later date. Total reasonable
  8. Still wearing it in my corps as C95 not suitable for clinical work & lightwieghts in numbers required all most impossible to obtain.
  9. Hold on a minute-when 9 Sigs and 54 SU became JSSU (AN) it was the RAF who led the way with the wailing and gnashing of teeth-the CO 54 SU ended his speech in total silence. Also I understood the colocation of the messes was temporary due to the rebuilding of the officers' mess-though I could be wrong
  10. It's all bollox - the Blairite class free party will soon have us all wearing the same uniform in a few years, you've only got to look at the Canadian Armed Forces to see where we'll be ending up...
  11. Worst still...they might introduce....(gulp)...patent leather shoes. :cry:
  12. Sorry to change the subject slightly, but is their a faint chance the QM's could get the gym queens from Fox gym SINGLETS that fit. The poor tired old buggers are really figthing these days to keep those watney party packs sucked in. :twisted: :twisted:
  13. This week I have witnessed first hand the re-emergence of Barrack Dress.
    Yep, the friction inducing trousers and the no.2 shirt were being worn by a couple of RMP's that were visiting Chicksands.
    Hopefully its just them and not the rest of us.
    (The sad b@stard was also wearing his stab vest in the cookhouse, trying to impress the girlies? - you know who you are, now be ashamed).
    Lets go the whole hog and start wearing puttees again. :)
  14. Just add those puttees, barrack dress keks and that monkey's flak jacket.........then call the fashion police!
  15. Just read this thread and see my name being mentioned vain TWICE!!! I do concur though that the blue bods (inc RAF Regt) here at Dicksands definately get treated with short shrift. Sometimes though it is deserved but that is another tale!!

    Per Ardua

    Barrack dress in the RAF was OG's for us and green shirts-loved it, so much smarter and more comfortable.