Barrack dress - coloured jumpers

Discussion in 'Officers' started by dra1n5, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. With the promised/threatened (delete as applicable) return of barrack dress, is there a good source for the coloured jumpers of old? Are there scores of ladies with an eye for a marketing opportunity poised with knitting needles at the high port?
  2. Hmmm...barrack dress is so imminent in its arrival (and the rumour has been STRONG for 2 years now) that the QM has just backloaded all jumpers (the green woolly ones) and OG trousers (alternative trousers to SD if wearing barrack dress daily).

    His comment - Barrack dress has been due for a comeback for about 10 years and it still hasn't happened (although I think 10 years is a short leadtime for such a big prject in the Army!).
  3. Just 'cause we are different the Royal Regiment of Scotland does have Barrack dress, and wears a coloured jumper, available from Brenhyre Knitwear to senior ranks and officers at about £60. Of course barrack dress is a kilt or tartan trews, but is still officially Barrack dress.

    No. 13A Dress - Barrack Dress with kilt
    No. 13B Dress - Barrack Dress with Trews
  4. We have barrack dress, we just never wear it. I think we should - much smarter than this C95 pish
  5. Smudge,

    Are thiose genuine Jocks in your attachment or are they 'extras' hoiked in off the street as the WO2/CSM needs his tie sortin' oot!

    Wha's like us?
  6. Over4MeNow. I can confirm they are genuine jocks, but agree the WO2 in question needs to sort out his tie. I'll be sure to pass on your advice although as he's in the Stan at present I doubt he'll care too much!! RJ. :D
  7. Why issue Barrack Dress when most servicemen/women are on back-to-back tours?

    The greatest pain in the arrse about Barrack Dress was having to wear feckin shoes, not to mention the burning hazard from polywotsit kecks.
  8. Thanks Royal. Hope he's safe and, like you, I doubt whether his tie's an issue right now! :oops: But I bet he still gets the pish ripped when he gets back! :eek: :eek: :eek:
  9. He was my driver on Op GRANBY - I'll make sure of it!!!! :santa:
  10. What bit?

    The ripping of pish or keeping him safe - hopefully both if you're able.

    An' a Guid New Year tae yin and aw! :wink: (Oor Wullie traditional end of year message in Sunday Post for the unitiated).
  11. Ah but he does get to carry a 'Rosewood Pace SICK' for his troubles!
  12. As the Adjt said on leaving NI for Edinburgh " Good...Get the tartans on and do some proper soldiering."

    Personally I hate barrack dress. Hot, uncomfortable and often not smart at all - see the pics on the website !

    Stick with CS 95 and stop wasting the little money we have on new outfits for playing at "dressing up" like a bunch of girls.
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    In the 70s and 80s polyester trousers might have seemed like good idea (although not to me) but surely we've moved on.

    If we need barrack dress then why not issue another set of No2 dress trousers or better still khaki chinos type trousers with belt loops. Comfortable, smart, and cheap - cav officers would have the option of cords that's if they don't already.
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Delighted to see the Army contemplating the return of Barrack Dress.

    The RAF has long maintained the tradition of looking like an RAC Patrolman on his day off. This has, IMHO, contributed greatly to the RAF's decline since the days when we wore No 1 to work [skirted jacket, shiny-button, thing].

    Just pray [very hard] that "The Source" doesn't produce lightweight trousers like they produced for the RAF. Instant creasing in every direction as soon as you put them on. No wonder the RAF prefer Farah's creaseless products!! ;-)
  15. It will be in next week then :D

    I've said it before and I'll say it again.

    An issue of number 2 dress and a jumper (colour varied) is sufficient for most soldiers. You could have a number 2 dress shirt sleave, jumper order and full.

    For office dwellers (WOs and up, Capts and up + RPs/Clks) extra trousers, shirts and jumper could be added.

    For the workers, a set of working dress (as it was known) jumper, shirts GS and Lightweights (with pockets on legs) and covvies. Again dynamic issues. A SNCO or Subby could have 2 or 3 sets of working dress and a set of covvies, the toms could have a reverse.

    We used to wear coveralls, complete with badges (rank, name, unit and fmn on a brassard with pens and pencils in a pocket) and belt and beret. (Belts had FFDs and ear defence on) Looked smart, esp with different coloured shirts under (Black/Dark Blue/Green/Red/Light Blue) depending on Sqn (these were purchased from the SQMS). The RTR had black ones and the KRH(?) had brown, everyone else was in Green.

    CS 95 could be held for ex and ops.

    Pretty sure that would keep things cheap and smart.

    Working dress/coveralls must be cheaper to replace than CS 95. And coverals ARE cheaper than the DPM coveralls.