Barrack Dress Balls Up

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by AUXRADAR, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Not that Ive anything against Barrack Dress, it doesnt look that bad and Im sweating my nads off in this bush coloured stuff, but what a monumental COCK UP in the issuing of the stuff. The people who were responsible for bringing us it just shrug their shoulders, no direction to what shoes to be worn, what hats to weat, no money to get the stuff tailored and give it a month and we'll all smell like wet dogs. Proof that Abbey Wood have their thumbs right up their ricker no doubt somebody will get an MBE and a pat on the back for the biggest crock of shit organising fiasco since Nimrod.
  2. So you're not a fan?

    For wearing direction, look to your capbadge dress regs.. not he G4 chain.
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  3. Down to unit dress regs, there'll be a bloke around somewhere with a crown or coat of arms on his wrist who can give you advice.

    Why would you want to get your barrack dress tailored?
  4. You do realise that Abbey Wood etc just develop kit/control IPTs. Its all issued from Bicester.
  5. As previously stated it is up to your cap badge on dress policy for barrack dress, I know the RA one has not changed since I joined in 1992 so although the uniform is now different the way I wear it is not.
  6. I finally received my Barrack dress (well, most of it) a couple of weeks ago. Now consider, I was measured, it was custom made to me by the finest tailors that the MoD would shell out for.

    The skirt would fit 2 of me in it - and I've not lost that much weight!

    The trousers. Well, the length from crotch to ankle is perfect. Shame the waistband is high enough to cover my breasts. And they're not swinging down by my belly, or mere pimples either. 5...4...3...2...1...

    The shirts and blouses? Maybe around January 2013 I'm told...
  7. I had a similar problem, though being at Sandhurst I got all my kit in a oner it just doesn't fit, I won't go into the dramas with getting my 2 dress fitted.

    I could try and get it exchanged but we don't wear barrack dress so I'm not that bothered.
  8. Are the Coldstream Guards not wearing barrack dress? Chippy bastards... No wonder they're second best :)

    Time was when no self respecting Guards officer would wear anything more informal than gleaming SD. Surely if you're not smart as carrots & twice as crunchy in any given environment than the rest of us then your raision d'être is gone.

    Be ready for my old Sandhurst CSgt to turn up at your guardroom, red faced with shame and about to detonate 6lb of PE discreetly stashed in the pockets of his immaculate blue patrol uniform. The chunks of flesh that remain will all be identical 1" blue-red-blue cubes.
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  9. The barrack dress is quite smart - hope it's just a Friday thing though
  10. Any one got a Pic?.......I'd like to take the piss.
  11. "Barrack Dress Balls Up"

    I thought the President of the United States had been outed as a transvestite.
  12. I read a directive from QMG directing all military staff in DE&S (Abbeywood) that they must wear Barrack Dress from now on.....hope they've got good aircon?!
  13. Thats because we'll be issued with our red noses and make up to go with the rest of the clown outfit. My trousers are a foot and a half to bloody long, no shoes, shirts to big and no rank. Answer wear a mix of your number 2's dress and buy your own shoes, but my trousers are held up by braces not a bloody belt - rock on Tommy! F**K off sir!!! That's right another "Project" thats late.
  14. Shame we didnt take a leaf out of the RN/RAF book and introduce it with the approriate ancils too. Right coloured jumper, GPJ and a Goretex Jkt
  15. Mine fits perfectly, all 3 sets of trousers and both long and short sleeve shirts, lovely and comfortable and cool on these warm summer days. I must just be lucky ^~
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