Barrack Block Lawyer Required - Ryanair Lost Bag

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 58_Pattern, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Ryan Air managed to to lose a bag of mine on a 3 trip. I arrived at my destination in the only the clothes I had on. I was honest and submitted a claim for shaving kit, deodarant, undies, an M&S shirt, fcuking kiddie PJ's etc and absolute essentials that I needed. They have come back & offered me £15 stg cash or a £30 travel voucher against Ryanair. This is uttterley unacceptable to me as I am about £180 out of pocket. Has anybody fought with Ryanair & mangaged to get a true cost of lost bags from them ? Any ideas or steerage would be useful. Cheers.
  2. I think you are fighting a losing battle there. They only have to pay a certain amount that is why you have travel insurance, suggest you use that to get your money back, if you have not got travel insurance I am sure you will have on your next flight.

    To be certain go on their website and check terms and conditions, it should state there what they will pay
  3. I had some lost luggage a while back - it is not Ryan Air who move your luggage, it is a private handling company.

    I know the fact that they use them means nothing as they merely pass the buck. Your luggage shoulod have been recorded somewhere in the process of leaving you to getting to its final location. If you have your luggage tag, then call the handler, not Ryan air and they should either tell you where it has landed (Melbourne or something) or indeed tell you it is lost, at which point you claim through your own insurance, and they claim from the baggage handler.

    Doesn't have to be travel insurance - claim it on your house insurance.
  4. Stupid irish feckers were probably lost when you started talking about clothes. It is truely a concept i feel that they are unfamiliar with. ...Ive watched father ted. So my advice to you would be dont be a pikey and fly with a less taccy well oiled airways such as sleasy jet :thumright: LOL
  5. I agree with chimp.

    I got fusked by Thomas Cook a few months back. Returning from Egypt they smashed my wheelchair in the hold. They told me, very politely, to get bent. :pissedoff: Travel insurance didn't cover the cost of a replacement. TC gave me a loan chair to get home - and I'm holding it to ransom! Fuckers

    I guess we're even tho cos i did pebble dash the heads
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Fly cheap, get cheap, and as Chimp said ... get fu**ing properly insured.
  7. when i lost my bags coming back from BATUS i called my kit insurance and they said "claim what you like and we'll pay, cus we just claim it off the airline"

    £1200 of expensive jeans and shirts claimed for then.
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    There was a thread about Ryan Air & lost bags last month.

    Have a quick search, as it had some good ideas on it.
  9. Yes agree. I never check the box to include insurance as I fly all the time. Will check the household claims insurance & my travel insurance on my credit card. Lesson learnt. Many thanks indeed.
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I love Michael O'Leary, Ryanair Boss. In an era of smarmy Chief Executives (tree hugging hippy twot Branson for one) he stands out like a man I would buy a beer for. Some quotes from a recent interview with Financial Times Weekend...

    On the right to fly: "For years flying has been the preserve of rich fuckers. Now everyone can afford to fly."

    On travel agents: "Screw the travel agent. Take the fuckers out and shoot them. What have they done for passengers over the years?"

    On Ryanair's strict no-refund policy is the source of most complaints: "We don't fall all over ourselves if they... say my granny fell ill. What part of no refund don't you understand? You are not getting a refund so fuck off."

    On Jurgen Weber, Lufthansa's chief executive: "Weber says Germans don't like low fares. How the fuck does he know? He's never offered them any. The Germans will crawl bollock-naked over broken glass to get them."

    On co-existence with British Airways: "There is too much: 'we really admire our competitors'. All bollocks. Everyone wants to kick the shit out of everyone else. We want to beat the crap out of BA. They mean to kick the crap out of us."

    On being happy: "They don't call us the fighting Irish for nothing. We have been the travel innovators of Europe! We built the roads and laid the rails. Now it's the airlines!"

    Good luck with your claim, but I'd hit the insurance firms rather than the Mad Mick?
  11. The ICAO Warsaw Convention covers liability of carriers for stuff like lost and damaged luggage - off the top of my head I think the liability is $10,000, so you would be OK - but probably the insurance company is the easiest route.
  12. If your still serving... Kit insurance and let Towergate do the running around. If not speak to old bill. They will advise you on current legislation reference whether Ryanair are liable or not.
  13. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I wouldn't fly Ryan Air if you paid me. They say their airline means cheap air travel for the poor masses, but if anything goes wrong they state "you wanted cheap, you got cheap, its nothing to do with us", and leaving the people who can't afford it to sort themselves out miles from the city they thought they were going to actually fly to.

    They are just a bunch of pikey money grabbing b4stards who con people into believing they are actually going to get some sort of 'service'.
  14. Ryan Air to date have.....

    Damaged TWO pushchairs, one beyond repair, ripped one large bag, two smaller ones, left shoe prints on another bag that housed a variety of broken items due to being stepped on, stiffed me for a missed flight, that they may have closed early based on further check in times and let my daughter travel 'free' while i had to pay £100 for her 'access' luggage.

    Bastardcuntwankershitebuggers the lot of them.

    Beebs x
  15. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer