Barrack Accommodation non-availability.

Can anyone tell me what has happened to all the Barrack accommodation? I ask as one of our JNCO’s is on a CLM course in Aldershot and requires accommodation. As none is available he is going into a hotel for the duration. Before Christmas I also noticed on course instructions for the Career Transition Workshop course in Tidworth that an accommodation “non-availability chit” and list of local hotels is included for Pte’s and JNCO’s. Am I really expected to believe that these two major Garrisons have no accommodation?
Good point! When i was in NI we used to send individuals over to catterick, only to receive a non-availability chit as well!!! However, now that i am here i can understand why, on our camp at least, there are very few bedspaces indeed.

Im not sure if this is due to CQMS's dragging their heels though as there are always *some* spare bedspaces enough for one or two, maybe the availability of these bedspaces is just not made known.
The Garrisons of Aldershot and Tidworth are still in the process of rolling out the wonderful PFI that is ALLENBY/CONNAUGHT. This means that much of the spare capacity there used to be has been swallowed up as Bks are closed and the members of the garrison shunted around to fill up what little space there is.

After having lived in arrse SLA in both of the fecking places I think hotels are a fine idea.


Not only is accomm at a premium for us, but recently we lost all hot water to the blocks for 3 days. At what point, I wonder, would health and safety come into effect and our accomm be declared unfit for human habitation.

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