Baroucki Sanger

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Corps_Asset, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. Anybody else see, i believe it was ,Baroucki Sanger being dismantled in Crossmaglen?Was being shown on Sky News around 1200hrs. apologise if incorrect spelling.
  2. Boruki went years ago. They are dismantling the super sanger from the side of XMG.


    This was Boruki;


    Edited for correct spolling of Boruki.
  3. The post was named in memory of 19-year-old Private James Borucki, killed by a bicycle bomb nearby in 1976.

    It was taken down in Jul 2000.

    RIP James.
  4. my humblest apologies!only caught the tail end of the news report, but cheers for clearing that up! thought may have been of interest!!
  5. Not a super sangar i'm afraid, this is just a plain old "MARS Sangar". The super sangar as you call it or "MARS2000" as it was officially named had sloping sides including sloping "retrofit" windows to enable greater visability by the sentry.

    Jesus, I need a life!
  6. When crawling towards it at night, in the rain with a cloudbase on the deck, it was a 'Super sangar' when we saw it! ;)
  7. Show again numb nuts.... :yawnstretch:

  8. It was indead super Flash.....infact I would go as far to say outstanding......but it was still called "MARS "
  9. You can call it Bernard Manning for all I care!

    "Shit, shit, PYLONS!, shit, shit, CHURCH!, shit, SUPER SANGER! STOP!!!"
  10. At least you made it in. I had to visit a dark field in the XMG area that became the temporary home to an Avtur-free Lynx to carry out an a/c to a/c refuel.

    RAF suppliers and the XMG area don't mix. :frown:
  11. Just to clarify a common mistake, Borucki was called by his second name, Robert. His grave is in a cemetery just S of Sheffield, and I called in there last year after a long time away, to find the headstone in a bad state. Somewhat saddened, I made enquiries and found out that post 1945 graves are dealt with by the MoD at Imjin Barracks in Gloucester (new home of ARRC). I wrote and emailed photos over, and they immediately confirmed he came under their remit, and have sent regular updates on the contractor reports in cleaning up the stone etc. So, some sections of MoD are top notch, and report in any Mil Graves that have suffered over the years.
    I don't know if any members of his family are still alive, the grave was unattended and unkempt, so I put some flowers sourced locally in the village on it and thought awhile. 76 was a long time ago, nice lad. I drove away with the Police's Invisible Sun blasting outa the window, & memories of hard-targetting etc etc....Happy Days? Well, different days at least.

    And today, we get the same drip drip of 'Another British Soldier'...on the news, and buried within page 6 . I go into a cold sweat. But the politicians are smiling, so that's alright then...