Baroness Scotland employs illegal immigrant

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by insert-coin-here, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. Guido smells somthing rotten.......

    Baroness Scotland Has No Defence

    Baroness Scotland : Show Or We Tell

    Attorney General’s Office : No Comment on Documentation Question

    Perhaps we are seeing yet again how there is one rule for them and another for us?

    Guido says...

    Who will hold our executive to account?
  2. So, that's the sum total of your post? A couple of cut n paste jobs with a generic question? Thanks for that but whats your opinion? If you want informed debate you should make an effort to create interest at least.

  3. WTF? Baroness Scotland - what a joke - this woman, an immigrant herself, and has about as much in common with Scotland as the leader of Plaid Cymru.
  4. Many apologies but I would of thought posting three up to date links to an ongoing story would of been enough to allow the adverage person to get a decent grip on the situation.

    That coupled with my question on who is holding the executive to account should left the casual reader in no doubt what my concerns are in the matter.

    Or perhaps you are of the ilk that requires everything spelt out to you in big bright letters?

    Judging from your post,a petty little winge,I would imagine this to be the case.

    Apologies for posting the story again.
  5. Whether it's been posted before or not, I have comment. WTF does she (and her like) get away with breaking and bending rules which are put in place for the compliance of all in this country? Do they honestly think it doesn't apply to them? Fine her the maximum of £10K. Will that happen? You can bet your bottom cent, it won't.

    And that story about the snooty bitch on the plane thinking that it's the job of others to dress her children in nappies. Then getting fondled. Sorry, maybe not whole story here but - - - these clowns think because they have money, they can get away with anything. Makes my red stuff reach 100'C quickly!
  6. But as Blogg mentioned and Alsacien pointed out in the other thread, 'Knowingly' is the key word here.
  7. Sixty

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  8. Thanks for that Sixty.
  9. And how many times have we seen this before?

    The expenses scandal has led to how many prosecutions for fraud?

    The real horror of this story is that this woman is responsible for the laws regarding the employment of illegals.I bet her team is frantically trying to get hold of the documents that the Baroness has said she saw.

    Currently I see her position as precarious,if she cannot produce the said documents then her position will become untenable and she must step down and face the consequences of breaking her own law.

    Even if she does produce the can a woman in her position pretend to have an ounce of credibility?
  10. I'm sure she did this on purpose.
  11. Fecking politicos, one rule for them.........
  12. No mate, I just expect an opinion from the original poster rather than using others. I refer you to my original post. Lets not get personal now shall we?
  13. Then perhaps next time you should try and be a little less aggressively critical of others posts while offering nothing by way of opinion yourself?

    And as I said my question should of been enough to gauge exactly where I am coming from,im not a big fan of sprawling posts that take a age to reach the crux of a matter.

    Back to the matter at hand the wording of law makes interesting reading.At best she 'unknowingly' employed an illegal (unless she really is an utter lunatic).

    Without the documents referencing the housemaids legal status then she certainly 'knowingly' failed to comply by the standard that she has personally laid out for the rest of us.

    As I see things she is either guilty of failure to comply with the law or she is too incompetent to hold the high office that she does.

    Either way she has to go.

    Edit to add.

    She has now been reported to the UKBA.Link to the letter here.
  14. Laws, ou and me = hard and fast, full weight of due process etc.

    ZANU-Labour...well, no harm done, let's try harder next time, toodle-oo - see you in Annie's bar for a few binge drinks and a cigar!