Baroness Ashton in trouble with the EU

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HectortheInspector, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. Baroness Ashton, EU foreign and security affairs Minister, blew out the EU Defence Ministers and the NATO rep.

    Tucked away at the bottom is the interesting news that
    "Spain, which holds the EU's rotating presidency for the first half of the year, has made the relaunch of a European defence strategy one of the "fundamental" objectives of its six-month tenure."

    This might not amount to much, but sometimes important things fall out of national presidencies that can have very long term consequences.

    Be careful opening the link above. It opens straight away with a picture of a gargoyle. It just frightened my kids.

    So we have a rotating presidency as well as a foreign minister for Europe - both working to different agendas. Bet that won't cost much!

    Edited for spelling once because my eyesight has been damaged.
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I know this isn't the NAAFI but I'll start of by making the entirely predictable and cheap remark that NATO had a lucky escape. Would you want to be locked into a room with this?


    As for the matter of her failing to attend the NATO EU meeting: I think it demonstrates what is important to this unelected Milady and the people who put her into 'power'.
  4. Aaaaargh you barst@rd!! That's got me twice now
  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Sorry about that Herrumph! We posted at the same time. Anyway I think to appreciate my point you need to see the full horror of it.
  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    1. Clearly the Euros have rumbled milady's uselessness.

    2. Buried under the Spanish bit about a EU defence Strategy (and see various posts of mine on this subject) are Gibraltar and the Falklands in my far from humble opinion.
  7. Part of the deep joy of working with the EU is the system of rotating presidencies, which means that everyone gets to play with the trainset occasionally.
    The Spanish ambitions are set out here:

    "The Spanish presidency's priorities revolve around:

    - Consolidating Europe's social agenda, paying special attention to gender equality and the fight against domestic violence.

    - Promoting a People's Europe

    - Getting out of the economic crisis. The fundamental aims are restoring job creation and achieving a more competitive Europe, as stated in the Lisbon Strategy.

    - The European Union's energy security and the fight against climate change.

    - Enabling Europe to speak with its own voice on the international scene and promoting its common values, peace and well-being.

    - Consolidating a safer Union for its citizens, responding to the challenges of immigration and constructing a shared space with judicial and police cooperation."

    And all to be achieved in 6 months!
    The stag rosta for the next decade or so is:
    Belgium July-December 2010
    Hungary January-June 2011
    Poland July-December 2011
    Denmark January-June 2012
    Cyprus July-December 2012
    Ireland January-June 2013
    Lithuania July-December 2013
    Greece January-June 2014
    Italy July-December 2014
    Latvia January-June 2015
    Luxembourg July-December 2015
    Netherlands January-June 2016
    Slovakia July-December 2016
    Malta January-June 2017
    United Kingdom July-December 2017
    Estonia January-June 2018
    Bulgaria July-December 2018
    Austria January-June 2019
    Romania July-December 2019
    Finland January-June 2020

    Our last crack was in 2005. We don't get another sniff until 2017.

    Our aims in 2005 are posted here:
    Friday 1 July 2005
    Priorities for the UK Presidency of the EU 2005
    1 July 2005

    "The priorities are economic reform and social justice; security and stability, and Europe’s role in the world.

    We will take forward the issues of future financing and CAP reform as part of the wider debate on the future of Europe. In more detail:

    Future financing: the UK Presidency will make as much progress as possible. With the Commission, we shall undertake a period of consultation with partners to find a way forward. We will also seek consensus on a general review of the EU budget structure and priorities.

    CAP reform: an important part of a budget review will be the CAP. The UK’s starting position has never been that it should simply be abandoned or slashed overnight. We need a properly planned process of reform building on previous changes to ensure European farming can meet the challenges of globalisation. The UK Presidency does not intend to be prescriptive on that reform, it is a matter for a review.

    Economic reform and social justice
    The UK Presidency will promote economic reform to deliver growth and social justice. A Europe better able to create jobs, higher living standards and modernised social protection. The Commission has already identified the steps needed:

    Implementing the Kok report of 2004: promoting the knowledge society; strengthening the Internal Market; improving the business climate; the Sapir report of 2003; and driving through Lisbon’s national labour market reforms.

    Better regulation : delivery of the Commission’s Better Regulation Agenda of March 2005. Including stronger impact assessments on new EU legislation, increased business input into the legislative process and simplification/withdrawal of some existing legislation.

    Working Time Directive: the UK Presidency will consult widely, leading technical and political discussions with a view to resolution.

    Services Directive: free movement of services was foreseen in the original Treaty of Rome. Realising this is a crucial next step for the Single Market, vital for growth and jobs. The UK Presidency will take forward discussion with a view to resolving the political and social concerns about the Directive.

    Financial Services Action Plan: wewill take forward the remaining dossiers in the Financial Services Action Plan and the debate on the Commission’s recent Green Paper on the post-FSAP agenda.

    The Chemicals Regulation (REACH): seeking significant progress to ensure the protection of public health and the environment while promoting competitiveness.

    Security and stability
    Europe is stronger together on issues such as terrorism, organised crime and illegal migration. More stable, secure and prosperous as an enlarged Union. We will begin implementing the Hague Work Programme. In particular:

    Counter terrorism: taking forward EU Counter Terrorism Action Plan including measures such as the European Evidence Warrant which will enable law enforcement agencies to quickly access important evidence from elsewhere in the EU.

    People trafficking and migration: developing an Action Plan on people trafficking and working for greater EU-wide police co-operation. Managing migration into the EU through stronger links with the main source countries worldwide and strengthening the EU’s borders.

    Enlargement: taking forward existing commitments on enlargement including opening negotiations with Turkey on 3 October. Starting accession talks with Croatia as soon as the conditions are met and p reparing for Bulgarian and Romanian entry in January 2007.

    Europe’s role in the world
    A strong Europe should be an active player in foreign policy. The UK Presidency will work with partners, High Representative Solana and the Commission:

    For an outcome on Doha at the WTO Ministerial meeting in Hong Kong that paves the way for an agreement delivering greater global economic growth, with better access to markets for developing countries.

    Developing a long-term strategy for Africa, building on the EU’s historic commitment to double ODA. Centred on governance, peace and security, access to basic services, growth and trade. Pushing this forward at the UN Millennium Review Summit, New York in September.

    Representing the EU at the UN Climate Change negotiations in December. Developing a post-2012 strategy; international engagement, particularly with the growing economies of China and India; and addressing the impact of aviation on climate change.

    Promoting peace, stability and reform in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa by supporting the MEPP, including Israeli disengagement; increasing Palestinian security capacity; delivering EU commitments to Iraq; reform through the EuroMed process; continuing E3/EU dialogue with Iran; and delivering EU commitments to the African Union mission in Darfur.

    Entrenching peace and stability in the Balkans through the EU’s, UK-led, military mission in Bosnia; building police capacity in Bosnia and Macedonia; and playing a constructive role in the negotiations to resolve Kosovo’s final status.

    Enhancing Europe’s defence capability to take action through the EU battle-groups initiative and European Defence Agency. Either with NATO or, where it chooses not to take part, outside it.

    For a market-based, liberalising reform of the EU’s sugar regime - an important element of reform of the CAP. Working with the Commission to help African, Pacific and Caribbean countries adjust."

    Read 'em and weep.
  8. Noticed Ashton was in Moscow.

    Reunion from the good old days or getting a new op order from Putin?
  9. Its cos of her CND roots, anything to do with the Military she is going to ignore NATO Meetings in Spain are included in her prejudices. What a waste of space and oxygen she really is.

    Diplomats complain that she is unavailable to them most of the day as she commutes daily between London and Brussels, and shuts off her phone as soon as she leaves the office, this has caused problems with the USA, as our Foreigh Policy supremo is unavailable when the US Government is at work.
  10. The NATO man was complaining about the growing sepnding and capability gap between the EU and US.:

    PALMA DE MALLORCA, Balearic Islands (AP) — NATO's chief is defending Europe's contribution to the international force in Afghanistan from criticism by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

    Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen says European allies responded to President Barack Obama's call for more troops and today account for 40 percent of the force of over 100,000 soldiers.

    But he said Thursday the "growing discrepancy" between the United States and NATO's European allies was a potential problem.

    On Tuesday Gates criticized Europeans' aversion to military force, calling it an "an impediment to achieving real security and lasting peace in the 21st century."

    U.S. 2010 defense spending of over $700 billion is almost 2.5 higher than the combined military budgets of NATO's European allies.

    Copyright 2010 The Associated Press.

    So, we have a Spanish presidency that wants to revive the EU military strategy, and NATO saying that the EU needs to up its capabilities. So- What does that mean to the few EU nations with significant militaries? I don't see Luxembourg or Malta contributing much.
  11. I see a NON-COUNTRY is 'President' from July to December 2010.

    This woman, an unreconstructed Marxist is a disgrace to Great Britain, an example of the level to which Brown has descended and a prime example of why Europe will implode in the not too distant future - I hope.

    As for the 'other Euro President', I think Mr. Farage said it all - even if he was rather kind and non-judgemental.
  12. "Lady" Aston it's funny how our political masters forget thier socialist principles when a fancy title is waved under thier nose
  13. Who or what the fcuk is that. If posting trogladites like that again we must have more warning.
    Although I have printed it off and stuck it to the fridge.
    Even Broon won't be in power in 2017 (with any luck).

  14. I wouldn't worry about it - in the very near future insh'allah she will be history and nobody will give a flying fcuk about the ugly bitch.

    I mean its not as if she should have been there urging the less enthusiastic NATO members to contribute to a minor problem NATO is having in AFG.