Baron of Castleshort part V?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Oink, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. Ahem... not sure if these have been seen before but it appears that everybody's favorite Walt is still at it... the attached pictures show what appears to be a recent IBA debacle with the Turkish Police... Looks like the cross-dressing Walt is lording it up with the high ranking officials of yet another government organization that is clueless to his BS.

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  2. [​IMG]

    that last picture is of german bundespolizei and officers of the landespolizei of Schleswig-Holstein & Rhineland-Palatinate
  3. These pictures were included in a photo album by an IBA member on Facebook - the album was entitled "Photos from the International Bodyguard Association".

    Here's a link to the album although you'll need to be a facebook member and log in to see the pics:

    Facebook Photo Album Link
  4. Linky no workie.
  5. I'll take a look but judging from the kit on the polizei they seem to be training officers either readying to deploy as part of a UNcivpol SPU or SEK officers

    either way pretty serious stuff
  6. Hmmmm.... works when I click on it... do you have a facebook account?
    Unfortunately, this picture is in an album posted by another facebook user so the only way to view it is if you have your own Facebook account... sorry! Either way, the pics shown are all from that album
  7. Here's a screen grab picture of the Facebook album...

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  8. not saying I don't trust you just wondering how they are involved with the german & Turkish police
  9. Closed group maybe? I can't find it in search either. Oh well what a shame never mind.
  10. I have no idea how they are involved with them either... probably the same way the Walting c(o)unt took in all the other good guys that he's lied to and ripped off over the years... apparently one of my connections on Facebook (I have over 2000 so I can't really be blamed if one of these idiots gets through the net once in a while) is still besotted with Jimbo's lies so I am able to view their pics... ...this is the guy that posted the pics: Andrii Slozhynskyi

    Here's the URL to his profile: Andrii Slozhynskyi | Facebook
  11. The IBA has a group on Facebook under the name "International Bodyguard Association" - the photos are in that group... it can't be a closed group because I was invited and Jimbo hates me with a passion ;)
  12. Check out Andrii Slozhynskyi's "friends" - bunch of twats, including one who is presumably The Elephant Man.

    A good mate of mine (ex-RUC) does CP for FCO in Russia and China, and he'd never heard of Jimbo until I told him, so I suppose even yet there are those who may be taken in.
  13. Funny you should mention that because I took a closer look at this guys "friends" too and you'll never guess who I found...

    None other than the little man himself:

    Gallg Baron | Facebook
  14. From the Baron's FB profile:

    Activities: Kilt

    Says it all, really.
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