Baron Castleshort Part III

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gas Gas Gas, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Thank you,looking forward to the next episode :D
  2. This might run longer time than Dad's Army on BBC.... :p
  3. Barking e.a., thanks for posting and consequently removing the pics of his gate and the sat imagery. I had been waiting to see that, I must admit, but obviously his front door is really of no relevance to the "investigation".
    Having said this, his back-garden IMO very much is and I would love to see a picture that would prove that his black-kit pics (avec big grey monster) were indeed taken in his garden with all the resulting questions on paramilitary training in the ROI.
    Thread No. III, one Mac down, Endex in sight... somehow don't think so.
  4. Cant wait...
  5. Cpunk, could there be a link included with all posts to refer to, or a sticky at the top of each page with a link to the Arrsepaedia?

    As there seemed to be a LOT of rehashing and repeat posts from people who didn't bother to check if their post was already referred to.

    It is getting to the point where new people are coming on board having read just one page and throwing in a post with something that has been gone into and resolved already.

    As we are waiting on results it just seems that the threads are extending themselves for no good reason, genuine new information is not being "lost" but it seems to be getting "snowed under" with repeat posts.


  6. Now, might be interesting to use ARRSE slush fund and have someone to talk to his neighbors... :twisted: Like..."have you noticed anything strange during these years?"...

    I think bunch of walts in SAS gear etc. might have raised some curiosity from next door... :lol:
  7. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I was just going to ask the same thing ... A link on post 1 and post 200 showing where the previous and next threads are, please.

    Dentist again this morning, CU later.
    My fangs have gone blunt from chewing Shortt for 5 months; they need a bit of sharpening for the finish :lol:
  8. CLICKLYLINKYTHING to Page 1 of Baron Castleshort Part II

    LINKYTHINGY to last page of Baron Castleshort Part II.

    ... sorry Milord blue - can't link from the other thread to here :(
  9. I was thinking of a more "In Your face" link on EACH page rather than start and end pages directing the postee to the Arrsepeadia page so before they post the can check if they are not repeating themselves or even an image such as :

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  10. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    A bit of minimise wouldn't go amiss, I agree. With my fading memory I find I'm going over old ground again, so what it must be like for "New Arrivals at The Ball" I can't imagine.

    There's always the Shortt Thread for a bit of jolly chat - keeping this thread reasonably tidy for research from those NICE people in the Media [and Police, Revenue, Legal Departments, "Other Government Agencies" etc.] :wink:
  11. don't forget that Jimbo has two ROI addresses - Castle Cosey in Co Louth and Castleshortt Manor in Wexford. I suppose you have to look for the flag to see which one he resides in
  12. mrmeindl wrote on page 200 of Part2

    I've checked the louth and wexford county council register of electors for every combination of his addresses on the wiki and haven't got any hits. 3 Possibilities;
    1 He hasn't registered to vote because he's a baron etc etc.
    2 He doesn't have an Irish passport.
    3 He doesn't live at any of those abodes!

    However, I am fairly sure that as far back as Part1 someone showed a Voter's Check showing him or his sons listed to vote.

    I don't think that Shortt co-habitats with his sometime Wife Georgina, he has too many Walting commitments globally & he has not, nor anyone else it seems, published any photographs of him & her together for a very very long time. Scant reference, if any to her.

    Likewise, not convinced she is the Georgina Shortt as per the IMDB, she would seem to be as busy if not more so than Shortt. The ideal person I warrant to assist Shortt with his dressing up box, but somehow I remain unconvinced
  13. Do you mean this one?


    Funny how a true son of Éirinn has to go to Russia to get a coat of arms.
  14. Thanks, GGG, I had not seen THAT one!

    Priceless! :lol:

    From point of heraldry...that is one of the most tasteless pieces of *shortt* I have ever seen. :lol:

    Was this designed by same people, who gave us bell-bottom jeans, mustard-coloured cupboards and poison-ivy-green cabinets from 70's? :lol: