barnsley vs liverpool

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by hemingway, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. can the tykes beat the car thieves???
  2. Err........ Yes and did so in the last round!
  3. pissed on cider, watching rugby,

    i meant chelsea,


  4. Have you been in a coma?
  5. :oops: pissed as a fart

  6. You wouldn't look such a qunt when trying to take the pisss if you actually knew what the phuck you were on about....

  7. Whats the matter? Can't you spell cunt? or is qunt just safffffffff for cunt? :D
  8. why watch the tykes (inevitably) lose when i could watch england (inevitably) lose (i do hope not!!!!!!!!!!).

    supporting barnsley all these years means that unfortunately, i do know what i'm talking about (cider permitting)!!!!


    edited for typos :drunken: :lick:
  9. what a surprise, england have lost.

    we need Sven!!!
  10. Instant arrsehole just add 1 portion of drunken waster,a keyboard.Leave to fester for a few hours and then stand back and watch him spout drivel

    :roll: :evil:
  11. thats me baby!!!

    still 0-0 though, you jolly nice chap!!!
  12. And fizz like a cunt.

    Answer your phone JP!
  13. drunken waster = scouser. - sound like you JP???