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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Op_Int_and_Spy, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. It truly amazes me what you find in other forums on ARRSE (see the hyperlink below and be amazed).

    This has been in the public domain for a month, yet hasn't been mentioned in this forum. I can only assume that decent operators read a better class of newspaper (like the Sun!) or Walter like behaviour like this shames us all into silence.

    I know the bloke mentioned in the article and I have to confess that having met him, I tend to believe everything that's been written in the article.

    At the very least, getting caught out like this shows a real lack of trade skills. Still, at least it gives ammunition to all those that hate transferees!

    Barmy Intelligence

    P.S. Tranferees line was a joke.
  2. I wonder why!
  3. here you go:


    Security scandal of top military terror expert who says he'll reveal our secrets for sex with strangers

    By Tiania Stevens

    A SEX-MAD Army terror expert is putting security at risk by boasting about his job to women he picks up on the internet for sleazy hotel romps.

    Married Sergeant Mark Brown enjoys fixing up lust-filled liaisons behind his unsuspecting wife's back - despite leaving himself wide open to blackmail.

    Today The People can reveal how he bombarded our undercover reporter with crude texts and emails while promising to spill details of his work if she fulfilled his sordid sexual fantasies.

    Despite signing the Official Secrets Act, boastful Brown sent a message saying: "If I tell you everything do I get to have my wicked way with you?"

    And believing our investigator was a married nurse, he begged: "If your super-soldier is willing to tell, is the naughty nurse willing to submit to the soldier's desires?"

    Desperate to try to get our girl into bed, randy Brown bragged how he:

    -SPECIALISED in international terrorism.

    -WORKED undercover in Belfast to infiltrate the IRA.

    -ADVISED the Army's top brass on Afghanistan and, incredibly...

    -BRIEFED Prime Minister Tony Blair in person on threats to British troops stationed abroad.

    Cheating Brown, 32, who has a three-year-old daughter with his wife, advertised himself in uniform on a website for lonely hearts.

    After making contact with our reporter, he immediately boasted that he worked at the Army's Permanent Joint Headquarters in Northwood, Middlesex, which is the nerve centre for all Britain's military operations.

    He then quickly agreed to a meeting at a plush hotel in Docklands, East London.

    But before it took place he demanded to know: "What do you intend to be wearing when we meet?

    "I am a sucker for a lady in a black dress and stockings, suspenders or a really sharp looking business suit."

    Ex-squaddie Brown emailed a snap of himself in his regimental kilt when serving with the Black Watch.

    The sleazy sarge also inquired: "Breast size? Willingness to experience and try new things in sex?"

    But his crude texts and emails didn't stop there. In another he asked: "What contraception (if any) do you foresee us using? Are you on the Pill?

    "If an accident happens would you be happy passing it off as your husband's child?"

    At the hotel meeting, Brown was just as frank. The strapping soldier strode up to our girl, a huge smirk on his face as he revealed he'd told his wife he had gone out to play golf.

    He was keen to go straight to a hotel room but our reporter managed to keep him talking in the foyer - and Brown was only too happy to go on boasting about his job.

    Confirming he was with the Army Intelligence Corps - whose latin motto means "Knowledge gives force to the arm" - he said staff collate intelligence from countries where British troops were serving.

    Brown claimed to have been posted to hotspots including Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

    And amazingly he also claimed to have had access to Attorney General Lord Goldsmith's advice to Tony Blair on the legality of going to war in Iraq - long before it was recently made public.

    When asked about his access to other details relating to Blair and President George Bush, he bragged: "We are privy to and have access to that information.

    "One of the reports I write weekly is to Tony Blair. I meet him for briefings. He doesn't know what the hell is going on, we are the experts and we go and brief him." Showing a talent for indiscretion, Brown criticised the then Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon and joked his nickname Buff Hoon was "very deserved".

    Brown said he was desperate for some "no frills fun", but needed little persuasion to keep blabbing about himself as he eyed up our girl.

    "There is a chance I am off to Afghanistan next month and I am definitely going there in September because I have the elections taking place," he went on. "I will be working in the embassy, meeting daily with the President."

    He also boasted of working undercover against the IRA in West Belfast, saying the ceasefire was not as it was depicted on TV.

    Our reporter made her excuses and left, but the former computer programmer from Scotland would not give up.

    He continued to bombard her with messages begging for another meeting. This time he asked: "What exactly do you want to know? I will tell you everything when we meet up again. My work is quite fascinating. One question springs to mind, how much does it excite you - was it turning you on as we were talking? I hope so."

    Brown then promised to spill details of the intelligence unit at his HQ if our reporter agreed to meet him for sex sessions.

    He said: "I can describe it to you in the future. Can't wait to see you in the flesh again. Call me later and I will be able to devote all my attention to you. Your naughty soldier."

    Finally he pleaded: "You could even come up to my house for some fun as wife is working afternoon and night shift." When confronted yesterday Brown said: "I haven't done anything wrong. It's quite upsetting. Please don't do this. There is nothing I have told you that I am not allowed to. I was going to call and tell you I didn't want to see you again anyway."

    An MoD spokesman said: "We will look into the allegations and investigate this further if need be."
  4. sounds like an average night out in bedford?
  5. Fair one.

    It answers one of my questions though, only a crab would read the people!! However, true to light blue form, your use of the article was miles away from the topic of the forum you posted it in.

    Lets face it, something this bad deserves its own arena.
  6. Was he really in the Int Corps or was he just walting around ?
  7. Can’t see the problem there are many roads to getting a shag this guy was simply using all the ammunition at his disposable I wonder if the reporter put out.
  8. Black Watch kilt and Int Corps? is it SOPs to cross dress or is that how he infiltrated the IRA?
  9. Sadly he really is Int Corps.
  10. Yes he is in the Corps, the question is for how much longer!!
  11. Probably longer than he deserves.

    The Int Corps are already his third capbadge :)
  12. I would just like to say as the reporter who wrote the story, Barmy Intelligence, it was all factual, and no I didn't go to bed with him for information. Just to put your over-imagination at rest. You obviously all missed last Sunday's paper.
  13. Perceptive of you to deduce that the vast majority here, choose not to read your brand, when seeking information and some lighter weekend reading matter.

    Could I ask, in the public interest, if you have ever reported the news, as well as creating it??

    <<Many of this community are bound by law from misrepresenting themselves, especially on operations. It would perhaps, be professionally interesting to know the degree of rigour that your Editor applies to supervising the implementation item 5 of the NUJ code of conduct?>>

    NUJ Code of conduct
  14. Well, well, well, the "People" reporter who wrote the story. It must of taken ages to write, what with typing with your thumbs and muttering the big words to yourself as you went... :)

    I salute you. It gladdens me to see that the spirit of Woodward and Bernstein is alive and well in the UK's press corps. [​IMG]